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10 Indoor and Outdoor Plants that are Safe for Cats

Enhancing your cat's life with a diverse range of cat friendly flowers can be extremely enriching and comes with a whole host of benefits, for you and your cat! In fact, the right cat friendly plants can even help your cat lose weight, fight infection, alleviate itching, and so much more. 

Do the best by your feline friend and fill their space with garden plants and houseplants that are safe for cats.


Cat Friendly House Plants

Our list of indoor plants that are safe for cats.

Spider Plant - perennial flowering plant.

Cat Benefits: This plant is non toxic for cats but it is still advised to not let your kitty eat the leaves!

Human Benefits: Easy to maintain.


Catnip - plant.

Cat Benefits: Helps cats relax and makes them more playful, many cats love having a nibble on this plant!

Human Benefits: Can be used in tea to boost mood and reduce anxiety.


Chinese Money Plant - missionary plant.

Cat Benefits: Non-toxic but can cause an upset stomach if ingested.

Human Benefits: Easy to care for and traditionally thought to bring good fortune to the home.


Cat Grass 

Cat Benefits: Aids digestion.

Human Benefits: Fewer hairballs to clean up!


Parlor Palm - Chamaedorea elegans.


Benefits: Air purifying.


Cat Friendly Outdoor Plants

Our list of outdoor and garden plants that are safe for cats.

Lemonbalm - tropical herb.


Cat Benefits: Insect-repellent, relives stress, relieves indigestion, and can be used to treat your cats wounds.

Human Benefits: Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and great for cooking Thai food!


Chamomile - daisy-like plant.

Cat Benefits: Reduces stress and promoted relaxation.

Human Benefits: Easy to grow and great for companion planting if you grow vegetables and herbs. Chamomile attracts beneficial insects too!


Fern - vascular plant.

Cat Benefits: Most varieties are non-toxic to cats and present great camouflage for playing and hiding.

Human Benefits: Easy to grow and thrives in low light.


Japanese Maple - deciduous shrub.

Cat Benefits: Low-branching and colourful for fun hidey places.

Human Benefits: Can make for a tasty snack, fried maple leaves are very popular in Japan!


Peppermint - herb.


Cat Benefits: Relieves stress, cats enjoy playing, nibbling and rolling around in peppermint.

Human Benefits: Antioxidant properties, can even help with skin conditions!


Cat Friendly Garden Tour - By ProtectaPet Customer Lauren Whitmore

See how Lauren has made her garden enriching for her cats!

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