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Is My Cat Too Clingy?

As a cat owner if you have to ask yourself if your cat is too clingy, there will most likely be some truth in the statement! Your cat’s health and wellbeing is so important and if they have become very demanding it’s not just unpleasant for you, but your cat too! We’ll talk you through some sure-fire methods to reduce your cat’s neediness and get them happy, healthy and cat-isfied in no time.


Does This Apply to Me and My Cat?

Different ways cats can show 'clingy-ness'


Here are the signs your cat is too clingy and that some action may need to be taken:

  • You cat follows you everywhere
  • Loud meowing or scratching when they can’t follow you
  • Constant rubbing against you
  • Sitting on objects you are using
  • Not eating or drinking unless you are there

If you’re still not sure,  check out more signs that you may have a clingy cat in detail on and Cat Language.


Causes – Why is My Cat Clingy?

How to Handle a Clingy Cat

1. If you think your cat’s clingy behaviour is down to boredom and they are an indoor cat, look at ways to enrich your cat’s life. To keep your cat safe outdoors, you can construct a cat enclosure, cat fence barrier or catio to give them a stimulating environment.

2. STOP reacting to their every demand. Gently remove your cat if they jump on objects you are using such a computer or book. And keep repeating without saying anything. Reward them with a treat once they stop returning.

3. Ignore your cat if they are scratching at doors to reach you. Teach them that scratching will mean the door remains shut instead of getting access to the prize (you!)

4. Don’t instantly pet your cat when they have been meowing, scratching or rubbing to get your attention. Move away from where this behaviour has taken place and then give attention. This attention is being given should be on your terms and not theirs.

Everyone enjoys the attention of loving cats, but it’s important for your cat to be confident, secure and happy. Be a loving owner and reinforce positive behaviours to ensure everyone in the home has the best life possible. 

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