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Is Your Home Really Safe for Your Pet?

Indoor cats were once quite rare in the UK but times are changing. 24% of cats now live exclusively indoors (or in homes with a suitable cat enclosure attached to the outdoors). These numbers may surprise many people, but cat owners are now more aware of the risks and are not prepared to put their cats in unnecessary danger.

The sad news is many potential cat owners do not realise that their own homes can present dangers. If you’re preparing to adopt a cat, or know someone who is, please read through these tips on how to get the house pet-friendly.

  • Check your plugs and plug sockets. Try to hide all cables (they are fun to play with) from view and tape down or enclose any that are exposed.
  • Prevent pets from accessing foods and other items that are dangerous by ensuring all bins in the home have a suitable lid.
  • Move breakable items to higher surfaces or place inside a closed cabinet that your pet will not be able to reach or gain access to. These items include vases, ornaments, candle holders and photo frames.
  • Cat proof your kitchen. Consider adding child-proofing kits to prevent your cat from opening the cupboard doors. It’s also important to check the knobs on your oven. If they are easily turned you may want to protect them to ensure your pet doesn’t accidently turn them on.
  • Cover fireplaces with suitable screens or doors to stop your pet from venturing up the chimney.

Indoor cats can cause a lot of mischief, especially if they get bored. Taking action to create a safe home will help your cat stay safe and help protect your home and belongings.