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Keeping Cats Cool in the Heatwave

The current heatwave is proving to be a struggle for many humans, but it can also take its toll on cats. Scorching temperatures can be dangerous for our pets, making it important to know how to avoid potential life-threatening situations. With temperatures predicting to reach into the 30’s tomorrow, we thought we’d share some advice on how to help your cats keep cool and comfortable.

Don’t Let Your Cats Out During the Hottest times of the Day

Cats do love to go and sunbathe, but in a heatwave the temperatures reach very high and dangerous levels, making the floors too warm and increasing the risk of heat stroke. Keep an eye on the weather forecasts and bring your cats inside during the hottest times. This could mean all day.

Unfortunately, you may need to keep the windows closed resulting in a hot and stuffy home. Fans and air coolers can help both you and your cats. Position one down on the floor if possible, to help circulate cooler air.

Fresh Water Supplies

Increase the amount of water bowls and cat fountains around your home and in the garden. Additional bowls will offer your cats plenty of options, ideal if you’re going to be out of the home for several hours. Top up the water bowls and place one or two in the shaded areas of the garden.

Ice cubes are good fun and they can help to cool down a hot cat. Cats often enjoy playing with the cubes, sliding them from paw to paw, licking and chasing them around the floor.

Create Lots of Shade

Close the curtains before the sun hits the room and keep them closed until after sunset. This will provide shade in the home, but don’t forget about the outdoors. Open the shed (securing the door to avoid trapping your cat inside) and place a few open-ended cardboard boxes around the garden space. When planning a catio, consider the sun movements and select a spot that offers natural shade. Plant some of your cat’s favourite plants to add some additional shaded areas.

Be Aware of Heatstroke

There are several symptoms of heatstroke to look out for:

  • Rapid breathing and stretching
  • Distress
  • Agitation
  • Drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Hot skin

Take your cat to the vets if you discover your cat is experiencing any of the symptoms above.