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Keetso Cat - The New Breed on the Block

Have you heard of the Keetso? Keetso is the latest cat breed, which is so exclusive there are only two breeders in the world. The breed is named Keetso, which means ‘Big Footed One’ in Navajo and when you see one, you’ll understand why.

These cats have some distinctive features, one being their very polydactyl feet. They have the look of their ‘big cat’ relatives; a longer face with muzzle shaped like an inverted heart. The eyes are small, and the ears have a slight curl. These cats are long, lean and beautiful. Furthermore, the Keetso are loving, loyal and considered to be like dogs in their temperament.

The colourings vary but some of the most sought after are silver spotted and snow. The health of the breed is of paramount importance, which is why breeding is limited. Only a small number of kittens are produced, and they are each neutered before being sold to protect the breed and the healthy and wellbeing of these loveable cats.

Rare and Gentle Breed

It takes the Keetso about 2 years to mature and they grow to weigh an average of 6kg. Their good nature means that some are used for animal therapy sessions, requiring little no training to adapt to their important role. The kind temperament also means that several of the Keetso cats from the UK breeders are homed with special needs children.

A Personal Story

I am delighted to say that my daughter and her partner are adopting a Keetso cat of their own.  After moving to an apartment, they got in touch with the local rescue centre and RSPCA to enquire about adopting a rescue cat that required an indoor only living situation. With no outdoor space they were expecting to perhaps offer a home to a cat with FIV or a cat with vision loss. What they didn’t expect was to come across a breed they never knew existed.

The RSPCA introduced them to a beautiful three-year-old Keetso female who had been at the centre for about three weeks. The exotic feline ended up at the RSPCA after her cat parents filed for a divorce, with neither of the pair wanting to take the cat. After passing the house visit, learning about the dietary needs and the importance of keeping the Keetso cat indoors, my daughter was given the honour of welcoming the Keetso into the family and are collecting her in the morning.

Secure Homes for Rare Breeds

The Keetso cat is a target for pet thieves. Anyone sharing their home with a Keetso, and many other rare breeds need to create a secure environment to help reduce the risk of cat theft. Any outdoor space would need to be enclosed, balcony’s and windows secured to prevent accident escape. If you are adopting or buying a Keetso it is important to be aware of the risks and have your home checked for suitability. Visit our shop to see the numerous cat containment systems that are ideal for all breeds of cat.