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Pet Cat Survives Being Shot for a Second Time

Mildred, a three year old much loved pet cat has not had a great time in recent months. The ginger cat rom Malvern was shot with an air gun. Her owner Zoe Kemp, noticed that her chest was covered in blood while she was sitting next to her water bowl. The pellet landed very close to her heart and punctured her lung. Thankfully, her vet has been able to treat the cat successfully and she is expected to recover fully. This isn’t the first time Mildred has been injured. The last time Mildred was shot the vet was unable to remove the pellet as it was so close to her brain. She’s obviously a very strong kitty and we’re so happy for her nine lives.

It’s not surprising to hear that Mildred will no longer be allowed to go outside. Her and her brother George will be indoor cats to keep them away from the individual(s) that are using air rifles to hurt cats and possibly other animals in the area. The police are appealing for witnesses or any information about the incident that took place in the Broadland area of Malvern on April 30 2017.

Not everyone likes cats. Some people really don’t care for them at all and it’s not uncommon for pet cats to be killed by other members of the public. Cats Protection surveyed 1000 vets and discovered that there have been in increase in the number of cats killed by air gun attacks in the last 20 years. 44% of the vets questions had cats that had been shot in their surgery. 46% of these victims sadly died from their injuries. 88% of the shooters are 24 or under. The cat charity continues campaigning for airguns to be licensed in England and Wales.

Our cat containment systems are one of the options available to provide cats with safe access to the outdoors. The cats are able to enjoy their own back yard or outdoor space without wandering off and increasing the risk of being attacked or hurt in an accident. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our cat fencing and other options that are now available to buy on finance.