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Pet Detectives Competition

To celebrate the launch the her new series of books, The Pet Detective Series, Emma Milne will be giving us 2 signed cat books for our competition. The lucky winners will also be able to ask for a personal dedication in their book if they’d like it. The Pet detective series is aimed at children between 7 and 12 years of age and takes the children through the origins of our pets and all their needs to be happy and healthy. The books have a project at the end to help children properly find out if they and their family have what it takes to be excellent pet owners. Although they are aimed at helping people make the right choices before they get a pet the books are also brilliant for people who already have the pets but want to know if they could make life better for them. The main focus is to make owners realise that the happiness of their pets is just as important as their healthiness. Humans and animals are great at surviving but we want to be happy too!

Emma says, “Children have a fantastic natural empathy for animals, which we can harness to make really positive changes for pet keeping. Grown-ups have messed up pet-keeping for centuries and now it’s time for children to CHANGE THE WORLD!”

The books are full of fascinating facts about animals and their often misunderstood behaviour. For the cat competition here are a couple of little-known facts about cats and a question for you to answer to be in with a chance to win. Two correct answers will be chosen at random and the results announced on 30th June. Get your answers in by 28th June.

Cat fact 1; Cats are naturally solitary hunters. This means they see other cats as competition and a possible threat to their precious commodities like their food, water and even their owners! This is why lots of cats are unhappy in houses with other cats.

Cat fact 2; Cats work hard for food in the wild so their drive to hunt is hugely strong and instinctive. A cat eating a kill will still chase another animal if it appears because of this drive. This is why some cats still hunt even though they are well fed and nurtured at home.

Your chance to win; Everyone says cats love to sit on people who hate cats. To win one of the signed books can you tell us why this wonderful fact is most definitely true?!