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ProtectaPet Partners with Disability Pioneer Samantha Renke to Cat-Proof Her Garden

We're thrilled to share the exciting collaboration between ProtectaPet and Samantha Renke, a pioneer in disability rights advocacy. Samantha recently reached out to us on Instagram seeking a solution to cat-proof her garden for her two cherished sphynx cats, Bruno and Lola.

Having recently moved from a London apartment to a property with a garden, Samantha was eager to provide her feline companions with the freedom to explore the outdoors. However, a concerning incident involving an escape route onto the shed prompted her to seek our expertise in pet containment.

At ProtectaPet, we understand the importance of ensuring pets' safety while still allowing them to enjoy the outdoors. Working closely with Samantha, we assessed her garden's layout and devised a tailored solution to address potential escape points. By implementing secure fencing and other deterrents, we created a safe and secure environment where Bruno and Lola can roam freely without the risk of escaping.

Samantha's dedication to her pets' well-being and her commitment to inclusivity and accessibility serve as an inspiration to us all. We're proud to have played a role in transforming her garden into a haven where Bruno and Lola can enjoy their outdoor adventures safely.

For a deeper insight into Samantha's journey and our collaboration with her, check out the full interview on YouTube. Join us in celebrating Samantha's unwavering love for her pets and her advocacy for a world where all animals can thrive in safe and inclusive environments.

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