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ProtectaPet Supports Iris’s Cats in Need

International cat fencing specialist, ProtectaPet, donated a cat enclosure – which would normally retail at £2,384 – to Staffordshire-based cat rescue, ‘Iris’s Cats in Need’. The cat enclosure, which was professionally installed by ProtectaPet-trained Installation Engineers, cat proofs the perimeter of ‘Superfosterer’ Claire Jones’s Garden. The cat enclosure will provide multiple cats and kittens with the opportunity to explore the outdoors in safety while they are temporarily cared for by Claire, awaiting placement in their ‘furever’ home.

Claire Jones, who has volunteered at Iris’s Cats in Need for over fifteen years, has a range of responsibilities at the Rescue, from hand-rearing kittens through to caring for poorly cats who might not otherwise be able to lead fulfilled lives. She says, ‘The ProtectaPet cat enclosure has made such a difference to mine and the cats’ lives. I couldn’t let them out before because they could get injured or lost. Now look at them! Waiting at the backdoor, so excited to get outdoors, playing and enjoying the fresh air!’

ProtectaPet launched the £10k value cat fencing as a pot of resources for ‘Superfosterers’ to apply to, with the chance to become one of four winners. There were just shy of 60 worthy applicants who merited support and recognition for their invaluable care of unowned cats. Feline welfare charity, International Cat Care, undertook the difficult task of shortlisting the applicants throughout December. The judges focused on the value of the proposed project, the quality of care and the impact that the cat fencing installation would have on the cats’ and Superfosters’ lives. Cat fencing installations for four lucky winners are taking place throughout February.

With thanks to the judges at International Cat Care for thier assistance in jusging the applications in terms of merit and feasibility.

Eve Davies, Co-Founder and Director, says: ‘Iris’s Cats in Need’ has a special place in our heart for several reasons. We adopted Lola, a rescue kitten, from ‘Iris’s Cats in Need’ in 2007. It was her premature death in a road traffic collision that inspired the designs and vision behind ProtectaPet. As a result, ‘Iris’s Cats in Need’ was the first charity to become affiliated with ProtectaPet: they handed out our leaflets in adoption packs from the very inception of the company. The fabulous team there have fully endorsed us from the beginning, sharing our ambition for safe outdoor cat territories. We are grateful to them for all their support and for all the hard work they undertake to look after unowned cats in Staffordshire.’ 

Iris's Cats in NeedIris's Cats in Need

Iris's Cats in Need Case Study

ProtectaPet donate £2k cat enclosure to Staffordshire based Cat Rescue, ‘Iris’s Cats in Need’, in ‘Super Fosterer £10k Giveaway’

How Will the Cat Fencing Help Superfosterer Claire?

Prevent accidents and injuries for Foster Cats

Prevent territorial fighting and disputes between Foster Cats

Reduce risk of viruses and diseases for Foster Cats

Reduce risk of pests such as fleas for Foster Cats

Foster Cats are able to exhibit natural behaviours

Helps Foster Cats to feel safe from outside dangers

Claire's Foster Cats






Sam's Cat Enclosure Case Study

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"The ProtectaPet cat enclosure has made such a difference to mine and the cats’ lives. "

Claire Jones, Iris's Cats in Need