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Purrs Cat Rescue Use ProtectaPet Donation to Treat Megan's Glaucoma

Purrs Cat Rescue is a small charity based in Essex. As well as re-homing abandoned cats and kittens, Purrs take some cats with permanent health issues, who are less likely to be adopted, into their 'forever foster' scheme. Through the referrals they have made to ProtectaPet this year, Purrs Rescue have earned a total of £368.68 which they are using to treat cats in their care.

The recent donation from ProtectaPet has contributed to the care of two cats under the care of Purrs Rescue fosterers: Megan and Rosie. Danielle at Purrs Cat Rescue says: "Megan is a gorgeous tortie girl who came to us after her owner died. Sadly, she first had to have one eye removed due to glaucoma and then not long after the other one as treatment was not improving it. So Purrs had a big bill for both eye operations to cover. We appealed to followers for help, but something like the first referral kickback helped clear a nice chunk in addition to that. We are a tiny rescue and our only funds are from donations so every penny counts. Megan is doing so so well after her operations and is now not in pain and is coping well."

"Rosie had been picked up as a stray, but also a lady had been looking out for her. Although she's only 11 (middle aged for a cat really) and we have not found any specific medical problem, she just seemed a little vulnerable and we wanted an indoor home for her as she was just happy to sleep and have some cuddles. She's doing really well and is content and confident, she did seem to have an on going issue with ear irritation though. In the past week, her 'forever fosterer' contacted us to say it was still a problem and nothing seemed to be helping. She was going to need some more in depth tests, so we helped with the cost of this also. This latest kick back referral will also help clear a nice chunk of that, so it's good timing really."

Danielle, one of the lead fundraisers at Purrs Cat Rescue says: "It's been so valuable working with Protectapet, it's been very simple to promote them on our social media pages and at our events and the response has been amazing. Many people don't know this kind of solution is available or where to start so it's good to get the word out there. People can help their cats and they are also helping us too - the referral donations have really helped us out over the past few months - we are a tiny rescue so every penny counts!"

If you know a charity who would like to participate in our referral scheme, please contact to order referral leaflets.

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