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The Purrfect Autumn Garden for Your Cat

Cats love to play outside, but they’re not so keen on the colder autumn weather, especially when the rain comes down. You have taken steps to keep your cat safe by adding cat fencing or a catio, but how can you create the perfect outdoor environment for your cat to enjoy throughout autumn and winter? We have 5 tips that will help you transform your garden into the perfect outdoor space to enjoy, whatever the weather.

  1. Cats love dens! Add one or two dens in the outdoor space so they can keep dry but still make the most of the fresh air. There are outdoor cat houses that are easy to put together and designed to be durable. We also love the idea of making your cat a cosy den in addition to the cat house. Use branches and twigs to construct a cosy jungle getaway and add straw for warmth and comfort.
  2. Add some decking to your garden. Decking is pleasant for your cat to walk, sit and lie on compared with grass and concrete. It’s warmer than patios and less soggy than grass and it doesn’t cost a fortune. You could even simply corner off a couple of areas to create a squared decked area in your garden beds or on your patios if you don’t want to deck a large area.
  3. Plant up pots of cat grass for your cat to chew, eat and play with. Cat grass is a great supplement for cats as it can help with digestion. It’s very easy to grow in pots and planters and cats love it. You can even add a pot in the home for cats that are very reluctant to step outside.
  4. Add evergreens to the garden to stop the garden from looking bare and uninviting. Evergreens provide extra hiding places for your kitties; they can also provide extra protection from the wind and rain in open areas in the gardens.
  5. Liven up your beds with a variety of grasses. Cats love to play with grass, it gives them an opportunity to flex their muscles and brush up on their natural hunting skills. The grasses are hardy and able to cope with the harsher weather while still adding style to your garden.

Does your cat stay in more during the autumn? These 5 simple tips can help to encourage them back outside and get the exercise they need to stay happy and healthy. Contact us if you are looking to introduce a cat enclosure into your garden to keep your cats secure all year round.