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Two Cats Test Positive for Covid-19 in New York

Two cats have tested positive for the coronavirus in two separate areas of New York. The good news is that both cats suffered only with mild respiratory symptoms and they are expected to recovery fully from the virus. The recent cat infections (announced by the US Department of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on April 23, 2020) follows seven lions and tigers that all tested positive for coronavirus at the Bronx zoo.

What Does this Mean for Cats?

One of the cats tested positive after its owner also tested positive. The cat was tested as it began to show respiratory symptoms. These two recent cases are the first known in the US. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention are recommended that all pet owners should stop their pets from interacting with people and animals outside their home. This is also echoed around the world, with limiting contact and ensuring that you try to avoid contact with pets when experiencing covid-19 symptoms or tested positive for the virus.

Scientists researching pets and the transmission of the coronavirus to humans still say that transmission from pets to humans are still very unlikely. Therefore, there is no need to stop allowing your pets inside the home or getting rid of animals out of concerns of catching the virus from them. None of the cats that have contracted the virus have experienced serious illness or died. This is of great interest to scientists who are now working to discover why that might be. All information gain from the investigations will help to provide further knowledge about the virus, how it works and could contribute to providing clues on how we can fight it in humans.

Very little information has been shared on the two cats in New York, but you can read more by visiting

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