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What Are the Most Popular Cats in the UK?

Do you own one of the most popular cat breeds here in the UK? A recent article from Purina has announced the top breeds in the UK, are you lucky enough to own one or more? Here’s the current top 9, do you agree with this list?


The Sphynx has a friendly face, broad distinctive ears and are often have defined muscles. Don’t let the muscles worry you, the breed is affectionate and loving. However, they will want to receive a lot of fuss and attention.


Got a loud home? The Siamese will fit right in as they love to be vocal and want to be heard. This social breed is happy to dwell with other pets in the family and they are great with children too. When it is time to chill, the Siamese will happily sit on a comfortable lap for some affection.


The Ragdoll is an ideal breed for anyone looking for a loving and loyal companion. They are affectionate and will allow you to pick them up and spend time showing them how much you love them and appreciate their company. The Ragdoll is also extremely clever, and they can learn tricks!


If you have a quiet home, you may want to add a Persian into the family. These cats like a lot of quiet time and thrive in calm and relaxing homes. The Persian breed is known for their independence and will decide on their own terms who deserves their affection.


The Oriental breed has distinctive features such as large ears and long, lean limbs. This is a cat bursting with personality, and they love to be active. If you live on your own, you may love the Oriental breed as they tend to bond with only one person in the household.


The Birman breed has a stunning medium length silky coat that is beautiful to stroke and is easy to upkeep as it does not tend to get matted. They are known for their stunning blue eyes and loving expression. This is a fun and playful breed, which is perhaps another reason why the make the top list.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon are fantastic companion cats to have in the home. This is a gentle and friendly breed with stunning features. Their medium to long coats, large size and playful personalities make them one of the most popular breeds in the UK.

American Shorthair

This good-natured cat can adapt quite well, making them family friendly. They are medium to large and come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. The American Shorthair was originally bred to catch rats and vermin. They still love to hunt and benefit from having an active life.


The Abyssinian cats are another playful and energetic breed. They are small to medium in size but that doesn’t stop them jumping and climbing everything they can. These are intelligent cats so you will need to give them lots of activities to keep them content.

Which cat breeds would you like to see break into the top 9? Come and share your popular breeds with us over on our Facebook page.