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Why Is Microchipping So Important?

As National Microchipping Month comes to an end, we thought we’d like to remind all cat owners about the importance of these little chips. Microchipping is the preferred way of identifying cats and plays such an important role in reuniting lost kitties with their humans. Here are a few facts about microchipping, we ask that you would please share them with your friends and family to help prevent cats from losing their homes and loved ones.

  • Cats can be microchipped at any age, young or old.
  • Cats are not harmed in the process of microchipping.
  • Cats have no idea that they have a chip in them!
  • Microchipping is the most effective way of identifying lost pets.
  • Happy reunions are more likely providing you keep your details updated.
  • The cost of microchipping is usually between £20 and £30.
  • Vets, animal welfare organisations and local authorities that are trained and insured can offer microchipping.
  • All cats should be microchipped, even indoor only cats and cats with cat fencing or catios for their protection.

When you lose a cat it’s vital to get in touch with the database of the microchip of your cat to update your details. Your cat may be picked up by a friendly neighbour or passer by and taken directly to a vets or welfare centre. The cat will be scanned and the details that show up on the database need to be correct to increase the likelihood of being reunited with your lost pet.

The microchip details can be updated easily, whether you move home or change phone numbers. You can even update the information if you need to rehome your cat or put them up for adoption. There’s plenty of further information available for those interested in learning more about microchipping, visit International Cat Care, here and Cats Protection, here