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Eve Davies becomes Export Champion

A director from a Stoke-based company that sell cat fences has been appointed by the Government to help small businesses seize the post-Brexit opportunities offered by the UK’s new trade deals.

Eve Davies, of ProtectaPet, has joined the Department for International Trade’s cadre of more than 400 successful business leaders across England, tasked with passing their expertise in selling overseas onto other, less experienced companies.

Eve Davies and Darius

ProtectaPet was founded in Stoke-on-Trent 2014, providing cat fencing solutions for cat owners who are looking to find the balance between welfare and safety outdoors, including a “catio” which can be installed outside an owner’s home.

Export Champions typically business leaders, founders and international trade specialists from successful small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are selling successfully around the world, helping others in their local area and relevant sector to follow suit. 

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss said: “I am delighted that Eve has joined our Export Champion community and will play a crucial part in getting more businesses selling top-quality British goods and services across the world. They have incredible passion for seeing British businesses thrive and are keen to pass on their knowledge and expertise to others.

“The trade deals we are signing bring economic benefits to every part of the UK, support high quality jobs, and create massive opportunities. It is vital that businesses capitalise now, and our Export Champions will help their business boom by looking to new and exciting markets.”

Exports Minister Graham Stuart said: “We are putting exports at the heart of our vision for the future because we want to see more Brits in higher-paying employment and more of our companies thriving on the global stage. I would urge any business owner who has not considered selling abroad to utilise the services we provide and explore how exporting could take you to the next level.

“With experts like Eve leading by example, we hope more will follow in their footsteps and start a Great British exporting drive.”

Getting more businesses to export is a top priority for the Department for International Trade, as research shows that companies selling overseas are typically more productive, create more jobs and pay higher wages.

Currently, only one in 10 UK businesses sell overseas have the capacity to sell overseas, and the Government is seeking to greatly increase that over the coming years.

Eve and other new recruits will give bespoke insight on how more businesses can start their exporting journey or venture into new markets, as well as speaking at events and providing invaluable feedback to the Government.

This is the government’s latest move to increase international sales, with DIT publishing a refreshed Export Strategy later this year outlining our vision for an export-led recovery from the pandemic, delivering jobs and growth in every UK region and galvanising our new trade agreements around the world.

Communications Director, ProtectaPet, Eve Davies, said: “Exporting can be a hurdles race as we transition through the challenges of legislative change and shifting trends in consumer behaviour. Becoming an Export Champion is a great opportunity to share our journey to the mutual benefit of our people, businesses and country.

“Throughout the pandemic, pets have become increasingly important members of our families. This is a worldwide trend and we are seeing steady growth in our overseas markets.”