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Cat World March 2019



ProtectaPet Launches DIY Catio

ProtectaPet, the UK’s leading cat fencing experts, have just launched a DIY steel-framed Catio for cat owners wanted to build a secure cat run so that their cat has safe access to the outdoors. The Catio - an amalgamation of ‘cat’ and ‘patio’ which refers to a ‘cat run’ – retails at £649.99 for a 3m x 3m DIY option with professional installation prices starting at £1,500. The components are modular allowing cat owners to build the catio to the dimensions that they require, allowing them to choose the size and number of gates. There is also a choice of mesh offering different levels of security from polypropylene mesh to hybrid woven steel net. With customers including James Bowen and a StreetCat Called Bob, the Catio is proving to be quite popular! Eve Davies, Communications Director at ProtectaPet said, ‘We offer top quality products that are built to last so our Catio is made from steel frame with the advantages of a slim profile, sleek aesthetic, low maintenance in use and longevity which brings real value for money.’ Installation of the Catio requires a high degree of technical skill and ProtectaPet offer video tutorials to guide you step by step through the process. But if your toolbox doesn’t feature a hacksaw, then consider the professional installation option for ease of installation and peace of mind. ProtectaPet encourage anyone considering a Catio to get in touch for personalised guidance specific to their outdoor space.

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