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ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Extension Post


Suitable for curved & sloped boundaries

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What's included?

Genuine ProtectaPet® designed and manufactured in Britain.

Product description

Keep your cat safe while they explore outdoors with our neat and low maintenance cat fence barriers. This easy to install Cat Fence Extension Post is used to cat proof the perimeter of an existing garden fence or wall which is between 1m -1.6m. 

The 105cm post extension enables you to mount the post onto a shorter walls and elevate the overall height of the overhanging barrier to 1.8m. The features of the ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Extension Post are:

  • (1) Pioneering bracket design featuring 'Bengal Bend' for agile breeds of cats
  • (2) Optimum grade and weight of steel for durability and longevity 
  • (3) Easy install with bi-orientated ProtectaPet® Corner Adapters
  • (4) Exclusively manufactured high-tensile, UV stable poly-mesh
  • (5) Matchless aesthetic: powder-coated black brackets with slim profile & rounded corners
  • (6) Cat laser-cut marque as an assurance of ProtectaPet® quality

Why buy from ProtectaPet?

Our modular cat fencing components are designed to cat proof outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. Intuitive design for every day use: our products keep more than 30,000 cats safe.

Made in Britain
Made in Britain
We proudly assemble our components in Staffordshire, England and we have a license to use the official 'Made in Britain' mark.
Built to Last
Built to Last
All our components undergo rigorous testing and trialing, using the highest-quality materials to ensure quality and longevity in use.
Easy to Install
Easy to Install
Our fencing solutions come with Product Manuals and Video Tutorials. Not to mention, our friendly Customer Care team on phone and email.
Patented Technology
Patented Technology
Our innovative designs are protected by the Patent Office, ensuring authenticity and reliability across all of our unique products.

Get the experts in!

Would you prefer the peace of mind of professional installation? Typical cost for the average sized garden is £2,400 but prices start from as little as £1,000. We can usually book your installation between 2 to 6 weeks lead time with our Nationwide Engineers.

Not sure what you need?

Let us work it out. Our friendly Garden Design Consultants will take a look at photos of your garden and help you to calculate what is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neighbourhood cats do have the physical ability to jump into your garden from on top of your fence. However, most cats will see that there is no exit from the garden and choose not to enter. Our customers report that neighbour’s cats tend to choose not to enter their gardens because they cannot see an escape. If you are leaving your garden unsupervised while going on holiday for instance, it is a good idea to leave an escape route for any cats that might enter (a wheelie bin against the fence is a good solution).

ProtectaPet cannot offer planning advice because regulations vary by area. Generally speaking, cat fencing solutions are not permanent structures and are below 2m in height. Please keep in mind that planning regulations in front gardens and in conservation areas are more restrictive. We advise you to contact your local authority for advice specific to your circumstances.

If a tree trunk or branch is within 6ft/1.8m of the boundary, it will require a cat barrier. Depending on the girth of the trunk and the proximity to the boundary, there are multiple options. Review our handy blog for an overview.

Where a shed, summerhouse or garden office falls within 1.8m/6ft of your boundary, you'll need to continue the barrier around it. Whether your shed is timber or aluminium, close to the boundary or inset from the boundary, will determine which brackets you will require. Generally, you will require at least one external corner bracket. Read our handy guide to sheds for more information.

If you have a mature garden with lots of plants, the cats will absolutely love the enrichment it offers. In order to install the fence barrier, you may need to undertake some pruning and trimming. For example, you'll generally need the top 1ft/30cm of your fence or wall to be clear of plant growth. For more detailed guidance on preparing your garden, please see our blog.

If you have a pre-existing gate - whether it is made of timber, steel or composite - the best way to cat proof it is to add a brace above the gate and fix the barrier to the brace so that the gate can move independantly. For the gate brace, you can source 3 x 2" timber. Where it fits in with the aesthetic, our Installation Engineers use black coated steel-tube. For more information on cat proofing gates, please read our blog,

We suggest keeping a minimum of 6ft/1.8m between the highest leap point and the cat barrier. Window sills can create lap points for cats when they are located next to the perimeter. We suggest building a window sill canopy and you can read further guidance on this here.

Most fence panels are 1.8m wide (plus fence post width) so our kits are based on 2m intervals. If your fence panels are wider or you are attaching the brackets to a wall, we recommend that you space the brackets evenly up to a maximum of 3m intervals. 

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