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DIY Buying Guide

Simple steps to total peace of mind using the products available to purchase in our online shop...

ProtectaPuss® Cat Containment Solutions

How ProtectaPuss Cat Containment Systems Work on Cat Fencing in Cat Gardens

1. Measure the height of your garden boundaries to determine the types of cat barrier required. Where there is...

  • Six foot Wall/Fence or taller: use Standard ProtectaPuss® Brackets
  • Five to Six foot Wall/Fence: use Extra Long ProtectaPuss® Brackets
  • Three to Five Foot Wall/Fence: elevate the height of your fence posts using wooden posts and then use either Standard ProtectaPuss® Brackets or Extra Long ProtectaPuss® Brackets so that the overall height is 6 foot or higher
  • No Wall or Fence: use Freestanding ProtectaPuss® Enclosure
  • Privet Hedge: use Freestanding ProtectaPuss® Enclosure

You can order any combination of ProtectaPet® products to accomodate the different boundary types around your garden's periphery.

Homemade Cat Fencing, Outdoor Cat Enclosure, Cat Run and Cat Pen Buying Guide by ProtectaPuss

2. Calculate the length of your garden boundaries to determine which ProtectaPet® products you require:

  • Standard ProtectaPuss® Brackets are available individually or in ProtectaKit™ multiples of 10m lengths
  • Extra Long ProtectaPuss® Brackets are currently only available individually
  • Freestanding ProtectaPuss® Enclosures are available in multiples of 30m lengths, with optional add ons such as ProtectaPet® Enclosure Gate Kit
How to measure your garden for a cat fence or cat enclosure
How to build a cat garden around trees and sheds

3. Account for garden features:

  • Trees: order 3 extra Standard ProtectaPuss® Brackets and 5m of 1m Wide High Tensile Mesh per tree
  • Sheds: order 4 Corner ProtectaPuss® Brackets (2 Left and 2 Right) and 10m of 1m Wide High Tensile Mesh per shed. If the shed is longer than 2 metres, you will require extra mesh and it is advisable to order extra Standard ProtectaPuss® Brackets to support the mesh on each straight section that is longer than 2 metres.

4. We recommend ordering 10% surplus to requirements to ensure you have enough materials to complete the job. Place your order online or ring our team of experts on 01782 900117.

Enjoy peace of mind: after installation, you can relax and feel confident to enjoy the freedom of your cat in their natural territory.

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