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Cat Proofing Your Garden - What Options Are There?

Many people want and even need to cat proof the garden. It could be to keep a cat safe and secure while exploring the outdoor space. Or, perhaps it’s needed to stop other cats from intruded on your cat’s territory and making your cat anxious. Whatever the reason, here are a few tips on how to cat proof your garden. We hope you’ll find the right solution for your garden and your cats.

Cat Fencing

One of the best ways of keeping your cat in while keeping other cats out is to use cat fencing. Cat fencing works with all kinds of fences or there are options for gardens without any secure fencing already in place. ProtectaPet specialise in cat fencing and offer a free no obligation garden design service.

Adding cat fencing brings peace of mind and is designed to blend into your garden aesthetically. Once installed, it’s important to add enrichment with your cat's natural behaviour in mind. Options include cat activity centres, cat shelves, cat houses, cat friendly plants and even an outdoor toilet area to keep your garden beds safe!

Cat Fencing Alternatives

You may not wish to allow your cat full access to your garden, or perhaps your garden doesn’t suit cat fencing. Don’t worry, there are other options available. Some of the most popular cat containment options include:

  • Cat runs – a cat run can be placed anywhere and made to suit your garden layout and the needs of your cat. It can have a mesh roof or it can have a bracket overhang.
  • A cat balcony is perfect for apartments and flats that only have a balcony available. Balconies can be dangerous for cats and many end up hurt after falling from height (yes, cats can get hurt and don’t always land elegantly on their feet). A cat balcony secures the space making it safe for cats to use and still usable by the owners too.
  • Catios are another form of cat containment system that works with your own patio. The cat pen is built to fit over the patio perfectly.
Maine Coon in Garden



Cat fencing designed by the experts

Cat Fence Features

Cat fencing enables access to grass, plants and trees

Cat fencing provides the best combination of value for money and size of territory

Patented technology and optimum aesthetics

Double bend in cat fence bracket is enhanced protection for large cats

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Feature Point

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Why Choose a Cat Proof Garden?

Cats and owners enjoy the garden together

Prevent territorial fighting and disputes with neighbourhood cats

Reduce risk of viruses and diseases

Reduce risk of pests such as fleas

Offer your cat opportunity to exhibit their natural innate behaviours

Keep your cat safe from the dangers free roaming

Our Feline Clients

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Maine Coon in Tree


Maine Coon on Tree



"The fencing etc is unobtrusive and you can’t see it unless you are up close. It literally has been life changing!"

Rebecca, Trustpilot Review

Sam's Cat Enclosure Case Study

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