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5 Tips to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Many of us in the UK believe that indoor cats are not as happy as those allowed the freedom to roam outside. This myth results in many cats being lost, injured, stolen and even killed outdoors. It is possible for cats to live very happy lives as indoor cats. All you need to do is provide stimulation and exercise opportunities, and plenty of attention when your cat demands it.

Here are 5 Tips to Help Your Cat Live a Happy Life Indoors

  • It’s easier to have a very happy indoor cat if you start off their lives indoors. If they begin their young life indoors they will usually adjust to the lifestyle without any difficulties. Keep your kitten indoors and you shouldn’t have any problems. Older cats may find the adjustment a lot more stressful. That doesn’t mean you can’t help them make the transition. Click here to read our adjustment tips.
  • Contained outdoor access is recommended. Catios or cat fencing gives your cat access to the outdoors without allowing them to roam freely. Cat enclosures provide your cat with the best of both worlds. Make sure there are no escape points, remove all toxic plants and allow your cats outside without any of the stress.
  • Walking cats on leashes can be another way of providing a safe way of being outdoors. It’s best to walk your cat on a lead at times when the neighbourhood dogs are indoors. It does take time to train cats to feel comfortable and safe in leashes and to be walked, but the effort can pay off.
  • Place plenty of ledges and secure shelves at different heights in the home. Activity centres are an easy way of adding these different levels into the home. Place the perches in different areas, some close to windows, and others in darker corners of the home and in areas where you like to hang out too. Give your cat choices of where to sit and opportunities to climb and jump.
  • Play with your cat to avoid boredom. Cats love to stalk prey, they love to pounce and to chase and kick. Buy plenty of safe toys for your cat to play with and spend time stimulating your cats natural behaviours. You can also use cardboard boxes and paper bags. Swap the toys on a regular basis.

Learn more about enclosing your garden to provide safe access for your indoor cat by watching our video.