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Cat Latrines for your Garden

Do your neighbour's complain about your cat toileting in their garden? Or does your cat defecate in your garden in unusual places like on top of the grass or paths? There is a quick and easy solution: build an outdoor cat toilet!

1. Choose a location for the cat latrine in your garden borders that is private and undisturbed. Next to mature shrubbery is the ideal location.

2. Dig a hole in ground about 60cm deep and approximately 60cm width by 100cm length. Do not line the hole with anything - it is not necessary.

2. Fill the deepest 30cm of the hole with gravel.

3. Fill the surface 30cm of the hole with soft (playground) sand. Make sure not to use building sand.

*With thanks to Jon Bowen BVetMed DipAS(CABC) MRCVS of the Royal Veterinary College London for this advice!