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How to Choose the Right Bedding for Your Cat

One of the most common questions that we are asked here at Tigga Towers, is what sort of cat bedding should we buy for our cats and kittens and how do you know what is right for them?

At the end of the day you know your cat far better than we do, however sometimes just answering a few simple questions can really help you to rethink your cats bedding arrangements:

  • Where does your cat like to sleep most?
  • How does your cat sleep?
  • Name a favourite past time of your cat!

These questions can help build a picture of where and when your cat likes to sleep and should give you some clues as to what bedding you should choose for them.

Type of bed versus sleeping style:


  • Stretch out & lounge – Does your cat like to sleep stretched out, usually in the sun or on a window ledge or even on top of a cupboard? If so a flat, rectangular shaped pillow would be the ideal bed for your cat. Something like our rectangle pillow cat bed will allow your cat to stretch and lounge happily. They are also great for visits to the vet!


  • Curl up & feel secure – Does your cat like to curl up and have a little security around them? Then a doughnut shaped cat bed is perfect for them, allowing them to curl up inside or rest their head. Ideal for cats or kittens that feel the cold too.



  • Sofa or Bed lover – If your cat loves nothing more than sleeping on a sofa or bed, then a cushion based bed would be most suitable for them. The Deep Cat Cushion is designed to be like a sofa cushion and because of its larger size it is ideal for cats that like to share and small dogs.
  • Hide Away – Does your cat like to hide away and sleep, does it feel happier when enclosed (under a bed or on a chair under a table?) if so then an enclosed bed would be best for them. We sell a few different types of enclosed bed – the Cat CaveCat Bed Box and the Cat Head Igloo and all contain removable rods that ensure it remains upright, even if your cat decides to jump on it!


Help! My Cat will not sleep in its bed?

One of the biggest problems with the lack of use of a cat bed, is not only where you put it BUT smell. Many cats are extremely sensitive to smell. Often until it has been washed and smells of home they will not go near your new purchase. There is nothing worse than having spent £30 or more on a nice plush bed that they sit and look at!

How often have you found your cat in amongst the laundry - washed or unwashed it is where they often head. Have you ever wondered why?

It smells familiar and of home. Our advice is wash your bed and then use their favourite toy or some catnip spray (if they like it) after washing and they will probably then not surface for hours. Sometimes for the most sensitive of cats you may need to place a favourite blanket or jumper on the new bed just to create that safe and happy comfy bed.

Where you place the bed is also so important. If your cat likes the floor, fireplace hearth or heat then that is where the bed needs to go. However, perhaps your cat is more into height and window ledges / shelves to watch the world go by in or outside. Or perhaps they dislike the heat and want to be cool but comfy.

Once you’ve decided on the right bed and the best place to keep the bed, then comes the fun bit – what colour do you choose? With six natural colours to choose from baby pink through to sandstone – this decision is solely yours!

All in all what seems a simple task of finding fabulous new comfortable bed for your companion can sometimes turn into a more complex task, but hopefully with these top tips your cat will be sleeping snugly in his/her new bed in no time at all!

For more information on Cat Bedding visit Tigga Towers website