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5 Ways to Cat Proof Your Garden

How Do I Cat Proof My Garden?

You’ve decided that you want to find a way to keep your cat safe and secure in your garden. What you don’t want is to stop your feline friend from enjoying the fresh air, so what’s the solution? We offer 5 solutions that can be customised to fit in with the environment you have in your garden. 

  • Cat Enclosures – A cat enclosure can be built in your garden, allowing them to roam on your property without stepping over your chosen boundaries. A cat run is an excellent way of giving your cat some freedom while keeping them safe at the same time. A cat run can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.
  • Cat Fencetop Barriers fit neatly over your fences or existing boundaries, creating a cat containment barrier that doesn’t interfere with the layout of your space.
  • Catios – Let your cats enjoy the patio without worrying by installing an enclosed pen over the area, built to suit your outdoor space.
  • Cat Balcony or Cat Window Boxes – Only have access to a balcony? We have a solution for that too! Create an enclosed balcony that provides your cat with some extra space and all the fresh air they desire.
  • Cat Tunnels - Ideal for accessing remote gardens or connecting catios.