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9 Easy Steps to DIY Your Own Cat Fence

Step 1 - Decide What Type of Cat Fence Barrier You Need

Firstly you'll need to measure the height of your existing garden boundary to decide which barrier to use. If there is no existing boundary, you may choose a freestanding cat enclosure.

Boundary types and heights

Step 2 - Measure How Much Fencing You Need

You'll need to measure the perimeter of your garden. If this is tricky, get in touch with us and with your address, we can use Google Earth to help you to calculate the perimeter.


Step 3 - Count How Many Brackets You Need

Count the number of internal and external corners in your garden. ProtectaPet Kits come with two internal corner adapters. If you require more, they can be purchased additionally. External corner brackets for use on sheds, pergolas and external corners can also be purchased separately.

Step 4 - Note If You Need Any Bespoke Features

From trees to sheds, pergolas to conservatories, your curious cat can use all of these as a platform to jump over the fencing. It is possible to install barriers on these topographical features with individual brackets and cat mesh. If you would like some help deciding what you need, we can help you choose the products or even install them for you!

Cat Proofed Tree 

Step 5 - Ensure You Have The Correct Tools for Installation

ProtectaPet Kits come with most of the things you will need, but in addition you will need a drill, mesh cutting shears, screwdriver, heavy duty staple gun, heavy duty staples, and a hammer


Step 6 - Order the Necessary Parts To Install Your Cat Fence Barrier

Order a ProtectaPet Cat Fence Barrier Kit or you can order the components individually.

Step 7 - Prepare Your Garden For Ultimate Cat Safety

Ensure that any items in the garden are at least 6 feet away from the peripheral area. This can include dustbins or garden features.

Step 8 - Installation Time!

Once your product arrives it's time to install. Here are some tools and practical tips to help you.

Instruction Booklet ≫

Video Demo ≫

Step 9 - Enjoy Your Habinatural Space

Now sit back, relax, and watch your cats explore the outside in safety! Be sure to keep the mesh clear of debris and leaves to ensure maximum safety.