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Can I Have a Cat in a High Rise Apartment?

You've just got the keys to your new home, and as you step out onto the lovely balcony where you pictured a peaceful morning coffee or an al fresco dinner, you're met with the terrifying realisation that the doors will have to remain permanently shut for the safety of your gorgeous yet curious feline, because no chance is possibly worth taking.

With all the products available to keep your cat safe if she did escape, they come with the added challenge of having to get clearance from your landlord to drill into the masonry, and it all quickly becomes just not worth it. 

We've been there, we listened, and we set to work on our new patented technology for a no drill cat balcony solution! 

Our cat balcony solution can be cut down to measure and then tensioned to fit the balcony area for a secure fitting with no drilling! Our patented technology now makes it possible for cat owners in high rise flats and apartments to have peace of mind when it comes to their cat.

A Cat Balcony Enclosure is for urban dwelling cats to access the outdoors, so that they can enjoy fresh air, sunshine and benefit from additional living space.


Cat Balcony EnclosureCat Balcony Enclosure

Watch How to Install a Cat Balcony Enclosure

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Cat Balcony Features

ProtectaPet Cat Balconies

  • Patented self-locking brace mounts allow easy installation with minimal tools
  • Adjustable feet allow frame to be installed without need for drilling, which is ideal for rented apartments
  • Hybrid stainless steel reinforced nylon knotted netting provides a high strength stretchable and chew resistant screen
  • All steel tubes are galvanised and powdercoated for superior corrosion resistance
  • UV stable cable ties provide a long life in service
  • The balcony kit is suitable for a balcony with a ceiling above and a maximum floor to ceiling height of 2.5m
  • The maximum width of each section is 2.5m. The steel can be cut to length to cater for smaller balconies
  • Multiple kits can be joined together for long runs on large balconies 
  • Two-sided and Three-sided options can be orientated inline or with 90° corners 

Why Choose a Cat Balcony?

You won't need to worry about the location of garden furniture

'No drill' fixtures makes your cat baclony enclosure easy to construct without drilling

Reduce risk of viruses and diseases and high rise syndrome

Reduce risk of pests such as fleas

Enjoy fresh air together

Helps your cat to feel safe from outside dangers

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Sam's Cat Enclosure Case Study

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