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Can You Track a Cat with a Microchip?

A Microchip is a tiny implant that is injected into a cat. The purpose of the microchip is for identification. Cats can be scanned by vets and some cat charity organisations in order to establish where the cat lives and who the owners are. The microchip helps to reunite owners with their pet if it gets lost, stolen or if they are injured in an accident. It’s a wonderful invention but one thing it cannot do is track a cat.

A microchip is not a tracking device and therefore it cannot be used to track the cat or establish the location of the cat if it was to go missing. The microchip is a RFID (radio frequency identification), which doesn’t require charging as there isn’t a battery. The chip has enough power to out life your pet, but it cannot power up any tracking device.

Tracking Collars

There are tracking collars available on the market that can be used to track a cat. We have written about cat tracking using GPS, but here’s a quick reminder of the advantages and disadvantages of using GPS collars.

  • 1.Cat collar GPS systems can be charged at home
  • 2.There are different designs but the locate button will cause a beep to help you locate the position of the cat (or the collar if you have lost it).
  • 3.It can be fun to see the places your cat goes to when out of your sight, good for establishing your cat’s territory or if it has second or even third homes!
  • 4.The GPS will not work if the collar runs out of battery during your cats adventuring
  • 5.They are easily lost, just like other cat collars
  • 6.If the cat goes out of range (if the cat is stolen) the cat tracker will not work.
  • 7.GPS tracking doesn’t eliminate risks

Reliable Alternatives to Cat Tracking Collars

As you can see, cat collars have some great pros, but the disadvantages mean they are not able to give your pet cat any protection from the risks. The risks include:

  • Theft
  • Injuries and death caused by traffic or other accidents
  • Disease
  • Fighting with other animals
  • Harm caused by humans or poisoning
  • Getting lost or stolen

Cat fencing is a sensible alternative to using cat tracking. It’s a one-time purchase that will protect your cat from the dangers listed above. The cat is still given access to the outdoors to benefit from all the advantages of having an outside life, without the hazards. Cat fences offer peace of mind to the owners and they are suitable for both owned and rented properties.

We Encourage Cat Microchipping

Although microchipping cannot be used to track cats, it is sensible to have all cats chipped so they can be identified. The procedure is quick, easy and affordable. Ask your vet for further information.