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Child Free Couples Find Parental Joy in Their Pets

The number of couples choosing not to have children has risen in the UK and US over the decades. The reasons for deciding not to have children vary greatly. Some common reasons include the belief that bringing children into this world is inherently immoral, that they don’t wish to cause suffering to a child in later life, couldn’t imagine themselves with children, being restricted financially and having less time.

The list goes on, but each reason is personal and thought out. This change in society even caused Pope Francis to respond in 2014. Pope Francis sent a message to married couples asking them to raise children instead of cats and dogs

Many of the couples and singles decide to put their parental instincts to use by having pets rather than children. These individuals have been shown to spend more money on their pets compared with individuals and couples with children that are still living at home. Pets bring out the nurturing side in humans that bond with their cats and dogs.

Child Free Couples Spending More on Pets

Pets that become part of a child free family will often be more pampered. They are more likely to spend out on lifestyle improvements for their animals, ensuring they have enriched homes and environments. The cost of raising pets lavishly may sound expensive to some, but the cost is nothing compared to raising a child. The money factor is one of the reasons that couples don’t have children, along with freedom. Couples discuss the commitment of having a pet but admit that it is possible to leave pets in the home for a few hours a day, something that isn’t possible with children.

Do You Have a Fur Baby?

The term fur baby is one that is thrown around. Some people see the term as insulting as it compares children with animals. Others openly admit that they decided to have cats instead of children. If you head on over to r/childfree subreddit you will come across many differing opinions and open discussions on the topic.

Couples choosing not to have children are commonly told that they will regret their decision or change their mind. But children aren’t for everyone and in more recent years with the increase of women openly discussing their choices is helping society to become more open to accepting the decision to remain child free.

Do you have one or more fur babies? Do you think you spend more freely on your furry family members compared with your friends that have both children and pets? We’d love to hear your thoughts and listen to your opinions and see photos of your pets, over on the ProtectaPet Facebook page.