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Five Facts about Siamese Cats

It’s hard not to recognise the majestic Siamese breed. The beautiful blue eyes, pointy ears, nose, paws and tail, all highlighted by a dark colour in contrast to their cream coat. They are stunning cats and very popular too. Today we’re celebrating the breed by sharing 5 facts about Siamese cats that you might not know.

    1.The unnatural nightmare. Siamese cats first arrived in England in 1871. Their strange colouring earned them the description of ‘an unnatural nightmare kind of a cat’. They may have taken some getting used to but they are now one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

    2. Siamese cats can be trained quite well providing you have the time and the patience to help your pet learn. It’s not unusual to find a trained Siamese that will fetch, perform tricks and walk happily on a harness. They are intelligent and they enjoy learning these new skills.

    3. Cat acne is common with the Siamese breed. The acne appears on their chins, caused by blocked pores that spring up due to their oily foods. Bad cases of cat acne can lead to a bald chin! Help your cat avoid acne by helping to keep their chins clean.

    4. Females will make a lot of noise when they’re in heat. They meow incessantly and at a very loud volume. They have been compared to opera singers practicing their scales.

    5. Siamese cats are very independent. They like to do their own thing and therefore this is certainly a breed that cannot be owned. If you’re lucky enough to have a Siamese cat in your home you can consider yourself very lucky to have been accepted.

    Do you have Siamese cats? We’d love to see your photos over on our Facebook page. Please share your photos on our wall and let us know their names and ages.