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Five Types of Cat Fences

Whether you cat is used to free-roaming around the local neighbourhood, or your cat is kept exclusively indoors, there are plenty of reasons why you might consider creating a safe garden for your beloved feline companion. Recent research suggests that cats are exposed to fewer stressors when in an controlled outdoor territory - perhaps because they are stressed by territorial disputes with other cats or hazards when roaming.

There are lots of options to keep your cat sage outdoors in the form of different fence barriers.

1. Cat spikes: while not widely regarded as effective, cat spikes are sometimes used by neighbours who are wishing to keep cats out of their garden. Though uncomfortable to tread on, the spikes should not be designed to cause physical injury. As nimble animals, cats can often circumvent the spikes

2. Cat rollers: some cat owners choose to fit rollers to the top of their existing fence panels to help prevent cats from getting out of the garden. 

3. Cat fence barriers: an easy and neat solution to cat proof your garden is to fit a cat fence barrier around the perimeter. This solution is suitable to cat proof around trees, sheds and conservatories.

Cat Fence Barrier

4. Outdoor cat enclosures: ideal for expansive gardens where there is turf or hard landscaping, cat enclosures can be used to keep cats in rural and mature gardens with lots of shrubbery.

Cat Enclosures

5. Catios: for smaller outdoor spaces where high security is required, a catio can be a neat solution to keeping your cat safe outdoors.


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