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Help Keep Cats Safe on the Road

One of the most common reasons cat owners choose cat fencing or a cat containment system is to keep their cats safe. Roads are dangerous cats, regardless of where you home is situated. As a cat owner it’s very worrying to think of the cat at risk, but there are things you can do to reduce the hazards. Here are some useful tips and pieces of advice from professionals, perfect for cats that cannot be contained for whatever reason.

The Cats Most at Risk

All cats that have free access to the outdoors may be at risk of being hurt in a traffic accident. There are cats that have greater risks that others:

  • Cats that haven’t been neutered and younger cats.
  • Male cats as they are more likely to travel further away from home.
  • Cats that live next to busy roads or lots of roads.
  • Cats that go out during the night time.

Reduce the Risks of Your Cat Being Hit by a Car

Keeping cats indoors or using cat fencing are both brilliant ways of removing the risk of your cat being hurt in the road. Other ways you can protect your cat from traffic accidents are:

1.Have your cat neutered as soon as possible.

2.Don’t allow your cat outdoors after dusk and only allow outside access during the day time. Use food to train your cat to come home before it gets dark.

3.Use a reflective break away collar on your cat to help drivers see your cat.

4.Get your cat microchipped.

5.Restrict access with a catio, cat fencing or a similar cat containment system.

Help prevent boredom during night time lock ins by providing lots of toys, cat shelves and activity centres to provide ways for your cat to display natural behaviours. Learn more about keeping cats safe and Cats Matter, who are working hard to try and change the law surrounding cats' welfare on the roads in the UK.