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How to Help Indoor Cats Stay Active

Indoor cats are increasing in numbers. Loving cat owners are choosing to keep cats inside or limit exposure to the outdoors by using cat fencing to protect their cats from modern day dangers. The risks that come from free reign outdoors include:

  • Traffic accidents
  • Theft
  • Getting lost
  • Infections and disease
  • Angry neighbours
  • Poisons

Indoor cats can lead very happy and fulfilled lives. However, many indoor cats become ultra-lazy and they can put on a few pounds around the waistline as a result. Obesity in cats causes health problems, just like it does for humans. Thankfully, with a sensible diet and some quality interaction and toys, indoor cats can remain healthy weight and life their lives to the full. Here are a few ways to improve their environment for a happier and healthy lifestyle.

  • Don’t confine your cat to one room in the home. Allow plenty of access to different areas and provide something of interest or use to your cat in each space. You could have one room as a toilet area, several comfortable spots dotted around the home, activity centres in different areas and many toys scattered throughout.
  • Add different levels for your cat to jump up and down to. Solid shelves that are securely attached to the wall will suffice. Make sure the shelving is wide enough and make use of the wall space to create a fun and interesting space with plenty of options.
  • Scratching posts help to protect furniture but they’re also great for cats as they are useful for marking territory, keeping claws sharpened and to strength muscles too.
  • Add a selection of cat friendly grasses and plants around the home. Do take the time to check that each plant and flower that enters your home is safe for cats, many are toxic.
  • Ask friends, neighbours or make use of a cat sitting service to check on your cat, provide food and pet your kitty if you’re going to be away from the home for many hours.
  • Provide safe access to the outdoors by installing a cat containment system. There are many options to suit the style of your home and your available budget. Cat containment systems allow your cat to enjoy fresh air, increase their living area and play zone without increasing the risks that come with outdoor life.

The final tip is for you and all the family members to spend time playing with the cat. Work out your cat’s natural routine and find ways or ensuring someone is available to entertain and encourage exercise during awake and playful periods. Introduce new toys and games to keep things fresh and interesting.

Indoor cats don’t need to be pitied, what they need is a cat friendly environment and some healthy exercise in order to live a happy life.