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How You Can Help Cats Matter

Cats Matter are constantly working hard to help cats stand a better chance of surviving on the road. The main goal of Cats Matter is to challenge the current law in the UK surrounding cat’s welfare on the road. There are steps you can take as cat owners and people who care about cats If you’d like to play a part in the journey and help the team achieve their goals.

4 Ways to Help Cats Matter

  1. Head on over to the Cats Matter website and educate yourself on their goals and the steps you can take to avoid cats on roads and what to do if you hit a cat while driving. After educating yourself, share the information with your friends and family. The more people who know, the better.
  2. Volunteer and give some of your time to helping Cats Matter. There are several ways you can help. Support can be given by reaching out to those grieving the loss of their pet cat. Or perhaps you’d prefer posting flyers through letter box. All help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Make a donation. Cats Matter is a non-profit organisation and they can only operate through the kindness of people like you. If you can’t afford to donate, help by sharing their cause with others.
  4. Print off the information that is available to download via the Cats Matter website. The campaign materials can be shared around, pinned onto noticed boards, left in waiting rooms and so on. The more eyes that see and read the information, the better.

Cats Matter work tirelessly to share valuable information to liaising with MPs and the government, the team are hoping to make it illegal for drivers to leave the scene without reporting the incident after hitting a cat. Choose one or more of the steps mentioned above and make a difference.