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Police on the Hunt for Terrifying Croydon Cat Killer

Police are investigating a number of gruesome cat killings in Croydon, South London. A reward of £5,000 is also being offered by PETA for any information that leads to the conviction of the killer. The killer has killed at least 32 cats, all horrifically killed by a blade and several have been mutilated and found with their heads and tails removed. The killings have been happening over a period of two years and now the police are warning that the killer may move on to humans.

This mystery is concerning for cat owners in the area and the local animal welfare workers have been taking many calls from worried cat owners who are concerned about the safety of their pets. Seven of the cats have been found in the last few months and two have been killed in the past two weeks. Police have also informed the press that many other cats have returned to their homes with horrific knife injuries, but they were lucky enough to survive. Others have gone missing in the area.

It’s important for this killer to be found. Any information about suspicious behaviour should be reported to the RSPCA or go straight to the police. In the meantime animal workers are telling local cat owners to keep their cats indoors where possible as there is something sinister taking place. The RSPCA told the BBC that acts of deliberate violence are rare while the Metropolitan Police are reassuring local residence that active enquiries are under way and they are working hard to find those responsible. Meanwhile, more than 30,000 people have signed a petition for the police to run human DNA tests on the dead cats.