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ProtectaPet Customers Contribute to Hunting Behaviour in Cats Study

We would like to thank the many ProtectaPet customers that took part in an interesting study on the behaviour of domestic cats. The study titled “Hunting behaviour in domestic cats: An exploratory study of risk and responsibility among cat owners” was published on 8 January 2019 and can be viewed online if you’re interested in learning more about the topic.

Do You Feel Responsible for Your Cats Hunting?

The study looks at the impact domestic cats have on wildlife along with how owners feel about their hunting behaviours. Some cat owners felt it was useful for pest control and others showed concern for the welfare of wildlife and their populations. However, the study did confirm that hunting is mainly seen as a natural behaviour in cats and not many owners felt the need to intervene.

Taking Steps to Manage Hunting in Cats

Research shows that some cat owners would like to help reduce their cats’ impact on the local wildlife, but they are unsure of how to control the behaviour effectively without negatively affecting the welfare of their pet cat. Included in the study were suggestions on how to take some responsibility and reduce pet cats hunting habits, which included ProtectaPet cat fencing. The other methods used by pet owners included collar mounted devices, keeping cats in overnight and rescuing the prey animals that were brought into the home.

Do You Allow Your Cat to Hunt?

The study makes for very interesting reading. Some cat owners don’t see hunting as a problem and feel no responsibility. Others feel some responsibility yet feel the behaviour is difficult to manage or have conflicted emotions towards their pet. How do you feel about your cats hunting habits? Do you try to intervene, or do you let nature take its course? Let us know over on our Facebook page