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Revealed: Naughtiest Cats in UK

The fire brigade has been called out to save more than 2,000 cats in London since 2015 – making it the moggy rescue capital of the UK.

Meanwhile, Essex is revealed as the place where felines stick to the straight and narrow most often.

There were 2,061 callouts recorded over the past seven years in London but its neighbouring county had just nine.

Freedom of Information requests have shown the second naughtiest cats live in the West Midlands, with more than 100 fire brigade callouts made.

Birmingham cats were saved 52 times.

Kent and Hertfordshire moggies also ranked highly, with 40 and 39 incidents.

Cardiff, Humberside and Nottingham were mid-league with 36, 32 and 28 callouts respectively.

And Liverpool accounted for 11 callouts.

The most common reasons for rescue were cats being stuck in trees, chimneys and on roofs.

Eve Davies, director at ProtectaPet, which makes fence barriers to keep pets safe, said: “Cats love exploring. Sadly, they can sometimes find themselves in tricky situations.

“We recommend owners ensure their homes and gardens are safe and secure, whether that’s with cat fencing, enclosures or catios  – or simply creating a good routine so owners can closely monitor their comings and goings.”


(image credit: Getty)