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Spring Time Tips for Cat Owners

Signs of spring are blossoming all around us. It’s a time for new beginnings, beautiful bluebells and the smell of freshly cut grass and bark chips. We love this time of year and so do the cats. The weather is more inviting and there are so many new smells and petals to play with. Now it’s time for plenty of play, hunting and exercising. Here are a few tips for cat owners for spring time.

1. Grooming is a year-round activity but it’s even more important in spring and in autumn. Brushing your cat each day will help prevent your clothing, beds and chair being covered in cat hair. It’s also better for the cat as daily grooming in the spring will help prevent hairballs too.

2. Get your kittens neutered, and any older cats too. Cats can get pregnant from as early as 5 months! Don’t put the job off. Spaying and neutering is an essential method of keeping the cat population down. The animal shelters are overrun with cats that don’t have homes, try not to add to the problem.

3. Be aware of dangers in the garden. It’s the time of year when gardeners get their green fingers dirty and there are plenty of toxic substances and plants around. We have a list of some common plants that are poisonous to cats, but don’t forget there are other dangers such as patio cleaners and lawn fertilisers.

4. Be aware of the flowers that you bring into the home. The garden isn’t the only threat. Check the bouquet of flowers you buy or are given and avoid any flowers that are included on our list.

5. The evenings might be lighter but it’s a good idea to stick to the normal feeding routine to keep cats away from roads during the rush hour. Calling cats in before the rush hour is a great way of helping to keep them safe from traffic dangers.

If your cat loves the outdoors in the evening you could install a cat enclosure to provide them with the freedom they crave. Is your cat enjoying the spring time? Share your spring time pet photos with us over on our Facebook page