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Street Cat Named Bob Passes Away Aged 14

The beloved cat that inspired the book series and the film A Street Cat Named Bob has sadly died. Bob was loved by many, but no one loved him more than James Bowen. James and Bob met during a difficult period in James’ life, when he was battling drug addiction. Bob was an abandoned cat and was suffering from an injury, so James decided to look after him and see him back to health.

The relationship blossomed and soon Bob was accompanying James as he sold the Big Issue and busked on the streets of London. Bowen then went on to write a book about their friendship that went on to become a hit with readers and turned into a film in 2016. Bob even starred in the movie, alongside six cats that looked just like Bob.

James addressed the public in a statement on his Facebook page on June 16. Within the post he credited Bob for saving his life. He said that Bob provided him with more than companionship. With Bob by his side he was given direction and a purpose that his life was previously missing.

Bob was such a wonderful cat, that touched everyone who read the books and watched the films and were lucky enough to meet Bob in person. Paul McNamee, the editor of The Big Issue said that Bob not only changed James’ life, he also changed the world. He went on to say how much Bob meant to The Big Issue and that he was a huge part of the publication, just as the Big Issue was also a huge role in Bob’s life too.

Members of our team were honoured to work with James, designing a bespoke cat enclosure for the pair to spend time enjoying fresh air and relaxing together. The whole team at ProtectaPet would like to send our condolences to James. We will never forget you, Bob.