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What is a Catio?

A catio is a cat patio, an enclosure that is fully screened off, allowing your cat the chance of getting some extra exercise and fresh air, without exposing them to the dangers of the outside world. The pet enclosure can be extended from a window, door or a porch depending on your preferences and your outside space where you would like the catio to be located.

Catios are quite new but they are taking off both here in the UK and overseas. They solve many problems that cat owners face, such as:

  • Keeping cats safe from traffic and cat theft
  • Stopping cats from being a nuisance to neighbours
  • Removing the risk of injury and disease from contact with other cats in the neighbourhood
  • Stopping cats from injuring and killing wildlife

All of the problems above can be significantly reduced or removed while allowing the cat to indulge in some of their natural behaviours. The catios are ideal to use on a patio or decking, in a small garden or an area of the garden that you’re happy for your cat to roam. They types of cats that can benefit from a catio are:

  • Escape artists
  • Cats that frequently go missing or for long adventures
  • Fighting Toms
  • Cats in season that you don’t wish to breed from
  • Indoor cats that constantly try to escape out of doors and windows
  • Bird/mice killers

Get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about catios and discovering how you can use one in your outdoor space. Each catio can be built to fit in with your specifications and there are plenty of options available depending on your own specific needs. Call us on 0800 999 4008 today.