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Cat Mesh

Cat Mesh designed by the Experts

Whether you are building a Catio or Cat Fencing, we have the right Cat Mesh or Cat Netting that is best for keeping your cat safe outdoors.

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Cat Poly Mesh

Cat Steel Mesh

Cat Steel Mesh

Cat Woven Netting

Use cat fence brackets to cat proof the perimeter of your garden

How Poly Cat Mesh Works

Cat proof the perimeter of your garden to share your garden with your cat

Intuitive cat proofing by pet lovers

Designed to Flex to create instability if a cat climbs it

Low maintenance and long life in use

UV stable and high tensile strength

Cat proof the perimeter of your garden to share the outdoor space with your cat

How Steel Cat Mesh Works

Where there is no existing boundary or shrubbery, choose cat enclosure fencing to cat proof your garden with a wildlife chew guard along the lower 60cm

Intuitive cat proofing by pet lovers

European manufactured high quality steel mesh

Low maintenance and long life in use

16mm steel zinc plated and PVC coated for the highest quality aesthetic finish

Use cat fence netting to cat proof windows or cat balconies

How Cat Woven Netting Works

Intuitive design by cat lovers

Easy to cut and tailor but strong under force

Low maintenance and long life in use

Woven stainless steel for a chew resistant finish

Cats Protected


Cat Mesh Features

  • Our premium cat fences require minimal maintenance

  • Patented cat proofing technology and optimum aesthetics

  • Cat proofing products designed in Britain

  • Modular components to cat proof gardens of all shapes and sizes

  • ProtectaPet® logo on packaging as a marque of quality

  • Our brackets features the 'Bengal Bend' on cat bracket

  • Cat fence brackets include rounded corners for safety

  • Bi-orientated Corner Adapters for left or right corners

  • Our kits include brackets for 2m post intervals: the best value for money

  • Our cat fence brackets have no moving parts for long life in use and feline safety

  • Sleek aesthetics for optimum visual presentation

  • Modular components to suit all garden layouts

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Cat Proof Garden Frequently Asked Questions

Can Runs are modular and can be designed to your bespoke requirements. Some Outdoor Cat Runs have mesh rooves. Where a cat owner wants to create a large secure area for their cat, they may prefer the cat fencing which features an inward overhanging bracket.

This is high tensile net that is designed to be easy to cut and tailor but difficult to tear or stretch. For every strands of polyethylene, there are two strands of stainless steel.

If you want to connect sheets of this Cat Net together to build large canopies or enclosures, you can use cable ties or hog rings.

Yes, although we have designed this steel woven netting specifically for use with cats, it is purchased by pest control businesses to keep pigeons and wildlife out.

Cat-proof fences are effective in keeping cats within a designated territory. Most cat fence barriers are not two way and neighbourhood cats could still climb into the garden from outside.