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Can You Cat Proof a Garden?

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Is it possible to cat proof a garden? Yes, it really is and it’s becoming a highly popular way for cat owners to protect their cats from a variety of risks. Cat proof gardens are ideal for preventing road accidents, solving territorial issues between cats, prevent disease and illness and theft. Another use of cat proof garden is to allow cats with FIV access to the outdoors without putting other cats at risk.

How Can I Cat Proof My garden?

There are five types of cat containment systems available that will cat proof your garden. Those options are:

  • Cat fencing
  • Cat enclosure
  • Cat runs
  • Catios
  • Cat balcony

The different types of cat containment systems ensure there are solutions for every home and every scenario. These systems can work with gardens of all shapes and sizes. Some types are more suited to different breeds, so do ask if you’re unsure about the type of cat containment system to choose.

Cats and Plants

Once the garden is enclosed it’s important to provide a safe and cat friendly environment. Many plants are toxic to cats, therefore it’s worth checking to see what’s growing in your garden and removing any that are dangerous. There’s a whole list of toxic plants, here.

Replace any toxic plants with cat friendly cat grass, mint, lavender, bamboo, perhaps add a herb garden. You cat will be spending all their outdoor time in your garden so it’s important to make it a safe, fun and interesting space.

Different Levels

Cats love to climb and sit up high and providing them with cat shelving is highly recommended for a cat proof garden. Cat activity centres and cat shelving attached to walls helps to keep cats in good condition and allows them to do the things they love to do, naturally.

Interested in cat proofing your garden? Measure your available space and get in touch to discuss your ideas.

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