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​Animal Road Accident Awareness Day

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Here’s a date for your diaries, October 8, 2020. Why? Well, October 8th is now officially Animal Road Accident Awareness Day. It’s an excellent day to help raise awareness of the serious issue of animals being injured on the road and often left there without any help or much of a second thought. It’s a day to encourage others to think about the actions they could take if they were to hit an animal while driving. With education and action, it is hoped that less animals will suffer, and more animal owners will be saved from the stress and heartache that road accidents cause.

630 Cats Injured Daily on UK Roads

Each day, 630 cats are involved in a road accident. 25% of these accidents will be fatal, leaving 75% with a chance of survival, but only if the animal gets help. We are trying to encourage all our followers to become aware of the right steps to take when they have hit an animal on the road. Thankfully, awareness of the issue has been made easier thanks to Cats Matter. Cats Matter are dedicated to this incredible cause and are the masterminds behind Animal Road Accident Awareness Day.

The wonderful team at Cats Matter have some excellent information on what you can do if you hit a cat when driving.

  • Stop your vehicle and follow basic first aid techniques if the cat is still alive
  • Take the cat to the vets – you will not be charged! The cat will be given the help they need, and the vets will scan for a microchip, which makes it possible to contact the owner.
  • If the cat hasn’t survived the accident it is important to report it. Try and contact the owner. Don’t report it to the police as at this current time they will not be able to give any help. Look for local animal groups in your area on social media. Knock on doors of nearby homes or take the deceased cat to the vets for scanning.

These are the basic steps, but the Cats Matter website is full of additional information and advice. There are prevention tips to help minimise the risk of your cat being one of the injured, what to do if the cat runs off, roadside first aid advice and much more.

Help to Save More Cat Lives

We hope you will all rally behind Animal Road Accident Awareness Day on October 8, 2020. All animals deserve to be given a chance of survival when involved in an accident.  

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