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​Does the Queen Need Cat Fencing?

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According to the latest news reports, ‘pheasant killing’ cats have been banned from living at the Sandringham Estate by order of the Queen. Her Majesty is concerned that cats have been killing off her game birds. According to the estate website, dogs will be considered on a house by house basis.

There are 150 cottages available and all new tenants will need to follow the no cats policy if they wish to rent in the 20,000 acre estate. The current tenants that do have cats are allowed to keep their pets in the villages. Good news for the cats and their owners!

Not a Fan of Cats?

Country Life Magazine reported that the Queen is allergic to cats back in 2015, but confirmation has never been given by the Palace. When asked, the managers at Sandringham did not give any official reason for the cat ban. The tenants are the ones that have suggested the cause of the ban was to reduce the number of young game birds that are preyed upon by the cats in the 11 villages.

Some tenants have lost their cats, one losing 4 cats since 2003. Norfolk police did confirm that they had a few phone calls concerning missing cats in the area. The cause for the missing cats is unknown and police were not able to investigate due to a lack of any supporting evidence.

Cat Fencing to Solve Problems

Cat fencing is an ideal solution for the Sandringham estate, but also for renters, homeowners and landlords. Cat fencing is ideal if you’re concerned about your cats injuring and killing wildlife in your local area, or if have concerns about your cats going missing. Cat fencing is a cat containment system that can be tailored to any garden, or there are other options available such as our popular catios and cat balconies.

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