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​What Should You Do With a Lost Cat?

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Increase the chances of cats being returned to their homes by knowing what you should do if you find a lost cat. The Cats Protection have shared some useful information through a new campaign, hoping to reduce the numbers of cats that leave home and never return.

5 Steps to Take When You Find a Lost Cat

  • 1.The first step is to try to determine whether the cat is feral or a stray. The easiest way of doing this is visiting the Cats Protection website and using the Stray or Feral tool. The tools is quick and simple to use.
  • 2.Ask your nearby neighbours if anyone has lost a cat and don’t forget to use social media too. Post a photo on Facebook and Twitter and check local community groups. Many people turn to social media when their pets go missing. It’s also a fantastic way of spreading the word.
  • 3.Walk around the local neighbourhood and drive around the town looking for lost cat posters. Check any listings in the news paper and notice boards in public places.
  • 4.Contact the RSPCA if the cat appears to be injured or sick.
  • 5.If the cat you’ve found appears to be a stray the next steps to take it to the vets or a nearby Cats Protection centre. There the cat will be checked to see if it has a microchip. If the cat is microchipped and the details are up to date the cat will be reunited with the owner.

Microchipping helps to reunite lost cats with their owners. Be sure to get your cat chipped this National Microchipping Month and update any details that have changed. Even cats contained with cat fencing should be microchipped for their safety and your peace of mind.  

​Could You Be an Accidental Cat Burglar?

Police have issued a warning after a pensioner was given an official notice for taking in a cat that she believed to be a stray. The police are asking people to stop feeding cats in the neighbourhood or bringing them into the home and becoming an unintentional cat thief.The Cats Protection have advised people to always check with neighbours [...]

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​Kids and Kitties Campaign Launched by Cats Protection

The Cats Protection have launched a new campaign aiming to encourage prospective parents not to give up their cats. A recent survey showed that 1 in every 12 parents decided to give up their cat because they were having a baby or had young children. The survey also showed that two thirds of these went on to regret their [...]

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​5 Ways to Exercise Your Indoor Cat

A little bit of exercise will help even the laziest indoor cat to remain healthy and maintain a good weight. Without exercise an indoor cat can quickly put on a few extra pounds and end up emulating Garfield, the lasagne loving puss from the cartoons. Obesity in cats is unhealthy and can lead to all sorts of health problems [...]

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How to Keep Your Cat Safe Outdoors

'Purrents' can find themselves anxiously rattling food bowls at night, shouting 'treat-time' across the neighbourhood, wandering the streets in pajamas, listening at the bottom of trees for 'meowing' and generally undertaking all sorts of outwardly-appearing 'crazy' activities in the name of finding their beloved lost-cat. While in the majority of cases, the missing member of [...]

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Catios for Patios

Catios - an amalgamation of the word 'cat and 'patio' - are usually framed structures that cat-owners usually place onto outdoor patios to enable their cats to access the outdoors in safety. ProtectaPet offer catio made of timer, bespoke built by our expert joiners, or - for the 'savvy' owner looking for a sleek aesthetic [...]

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Win a Copy of Practical Feline Behaviour

Practical Feline Behaviour contains all the relevant information that a veterinary nurse or technician needs to understand and handle the behaviour and welfare of house cats, and to offer safe and practical advice to clients.There have been ground-breaking advances in our understanding of feline behaviour in recent years and, to protect the welfare of cats, [...]

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​Does My Cat Have Allergies?

The warmer weather is here (on and off) and already some people are beginning to struggle with hay fever. Cats can have allergies too, but unlike us humans, they aren’t able to tell us about their suffering or pop to Boots to buy some allergy medicines. It’s down to cat owners to look out for the symptoms and to [...]

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Cat Fans Help Cat Family

There was an unexpected feline drama at Vets4Pets Goldenhill clinic today. A cat themed party to celebrate charity International Cat Care's 60th anniversary was just about to start at 2pm when a group of children arrived at the clinic with an open tray containing 3 tiny kittens. Despite wearing a cocktail dress, the party's co-organiser, [...]

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​Croydon Cat Killer Documentary - Raising Awareness

A documentary focusing on the Croydon Cat Killer has been released on VICE. Titled “To Catch a Cat Killer’ the film investigates the mutilation and deaths of over 300 animals in the UK. Two members from SNARL (South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty), Boudicca Rising and Tony Jenkins, were followed during their investigations. Both individuals have been working on [...]

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