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​5 Trending Cat Products Cats Will Love

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Want your cat to have the best of everything? There are plenty of cat products out there that have everyone talking. If you’re getting ahead of your Christmas shopping, adopting a new pet or simply want to spoil your furry best friend, here are 5 of the trending products both you and your cat will love.

Health and Location Trackers

Many people now have Fitbits and other health trackers that tracks our daily lives. These gadgets, worn on the wrist track everything from how many steps we take to calorie intake and even heart rate. Pet owners are now looking for similar products for their pets. One of the most popular requests is for trackers that track location. There are plenty on the market, but one of the top, sought after cat trackers is the Girafus. This is a lightweight collar mounted tracker with a radius of up to 500m. Unlike other trackers it uses radio frequencies and can help to locate cats trapped in sheds or lost indoors.

Self Cleaning Litter Box

No one likes cleaning the litter tray, even having them in the home can be off putting. However, if you have an indoor cat you can’t escape the litter box. The good news is there are now self cleaning on the market. A top seller is the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self Cleaning Litter Box. Litter is consistently cleaned; it’s a great compact size and the price isn’t as terrifying as some of the other models out there.

Catios or Cat Fences

Want to keep your cat protected from risks such as traffic accidents, theft, loss, disease, harm? You’re not alone. Keeping cats indoors has increased in popularity in recent years. However, cat owners still like to give cats the best opportunities for exhibiting natural behaviour and a healthy, stimulated life. Catios and cat fences give cats the best of both worlds, a safe environment with outdoor access. Browse our range of catios, cat enclosures and cat fencing options.

Automatic Cat Feeders

There are times when you can’t be at home to feed your cat at their expected feeding times. Automatic cat feeders can help to keep your routine flowing as usual and they keep the food fresh too. There are models on the market for both dry and wet food. One popular model is the Tdynasty Design, Using the digital display it’s easy to set the times you want but the feature we love is the voice recorder. Record your own message to your cats that call them, letting them know it’s time to come and eat.

Laser Toys!

If your cat is highly entertained by the laser pen, then this is the gadget for you. The PetSafe FroliCat is a toy helps to entertain even the laziest of cats. This model has a dual mode, allowing you to get hands on and be in control of the fun, or allows it to work automatically.

There are so many great cat products out there. Come and show us your cats enjoying their favourites, over on our Facebook page.

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