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Christmas Presents for Cats: Our 25 Top Picks for a Meow-gical Christmas

We’ve scoured the internet for the most unique and wonderful Christmas presents for cats– so you don’t have to! For the most festive felines to the craziest of cat lovers, you’ll be sure to tick off everyone who made it to the nice list this year.

Featuring as many independent businesses as possible. Click on the pictures for more information about each product. Take a look at our favourites picks from Santa Paws, and be sure to  share your cat’s Christmas gifts on our Facebook page!


Cute Christmas Toys for Cats (Under £30)


    1. Rudy Reindeer Cat Wand


    This fluffy catnip filled toy from The Cat Gallery is the perfect size to hug, kick and wrestle! With a long crinkly tail your kitty will love to get her teeth into, adding to the excitement of Christmas morning!

    Price: £2.50 (Was £5.00)

    Size: 34cm long


    2. Smiley Snowman Red Cat Collar



      Cool Cat Collars range of Christmas prints include this festive collar with smiley snowmen printed around the outside. Includes a festive bell! Your feline will look the part on your family Christmas picture!

      Price: £6.99

      Size: 7-11”


      3. Christmas Stocking Cat Collar Charm

      Why not go the whole hog and pick up a charm for your cats collar such as this Christmas Stocking, to adorn the collar of your festive kitty. Easily fits onto the split ring for a purr-fect festive get-up.

      Price: 50p 

      Size: Approx. 1cm


      4. Personalised, Handmade Catnip Toy Stocking

      Every cat needs their own personalised tree decoration! And this embroidered scandi style stocking comes with a Canadian catnip added bonus.

      Price: £15 

      Size: 9 x 8cm


      5. Christmas Tree Cat House

      Looking to add some extra quirky Christmas decorations to your home that your cat can enjoy too? This cosy and warm Christmas Tree is such a cute hidey hole for your pet that fits right into your Christmas decs. 

      Price: £18.97 

      Size: 48 cm × 40 cm × 40 cm 

      Notes: Arrives vacuum packed but puffs out to proper shape after a couple of days.


      6. Christmas Cushion Squares

      These festive cushions come in three different patterns including a star, Christmas tree and candy cane. You can choose the cushion to be filled with catnip or Valerian so choose your cat’s favourite! Ideal to keep your cat occupied on Christmas morning.

      Price: £2.99 

      Size: 11 square cm


      7. Catnip Christmas Pudding Toy

      Forget the fruit and nuts, this Christmas Pudding is stuffed with Catnip for your kitty’s delight! We love this toy as it’s durable and makes for an adorable Christmas picture.

      Price: £9.00 

      Size: 8cm


      8. Christmas Catnip Hamper

      Does your cat go crazy for Catnip? Then they’ll think all their Christmases have come at once! The Hamper doubles up as a cardboard playhouse and comes with two handcrafted catnip toys.

      Price: £15


      Purr-fect Presents for Crazy Cat Lovers


      9. Cutie Cat Set of Three Lunch Boxes

      Need to buy a stocking filler for Secret Santa? These pretty pastel coloured lunch boxes feature a different Cutie Cat design with playful text perfectly added for cat lovers! We love the ‘Feline Hungry’ design, who wouldn’t want one of these under the tree!

      Price: £6 for three 

      Size: L5 x W12 x H12 cm


      10. LondonCats Livestream Tickets

      LondonCats WorldWide events are livestreaming their International Cat Show for you to enjoy watching beautiful cat breeds from the comfort of your own home. Make a friends day with a ticket or indulge yourself whilst stuck at home!

      Price: £6 (£3 with discount code PROTECTAPET50) 

      Notes: Available on any of their January livestream, each session is 4 hours and includes a recording sent after the livestream.


      11. Gus & Bella Box

      Gus & Bella Subscription boxes for cats and humans are a lovely shared experience you can purchase for yourself and your cat or as a one-off gift for under the tree. Their Santa Paws themed box is shipped from 8th December, we’re getting one for ourselves but it’s also a lovely idea to buy for a friend for Christmas!

      Price: A one off box is £32.95 + free delivery, cheaper is you would like to subscribe to a monthly box and can cancel any time. 

      Notes: 20% discount available on their website.


      12. ‘The Cat Personality Test’ book by Dr. Lauren Finka

      Through this book’s series of personality quizzes, feline behaviour expert Dr Lauren Finka can help you to assess various elements of your cat’s character and understand them on a whole new level. Discover how inquisitive your cat is, by observing their reaction to new environments.

      Price: £6.72


      13. Simon’s Cat 2021 Diary

      A beautifully illustrated week to view diary with a page for notes for each week. Filled to the brim with fabulous drawings by Simon Tofield of his batty cat and friends.

      Price: £7.00 

      Size: 16.3cm x 8.7cm


      14. ProtectaPet Cat Fence Barrier DIY Kit

      For a more lavish gift for cat owners consider a ProtectaPet Fence Barrier DIY Kit. Our fencing systems allow cats to explore the garden safely. The kit includes everything they need to install the barriers on top of pre-existing fencing.

      Price: From £200


      15. Alfie The Christmas Cat Book by Rachel Wells

      The next purrfect read from Rachel Wells - a true festive treat! Christmas is around the corner, and Alfie and George can't wait. This year, the residents of Edgar road have come together to put on a festive show and raise money for a local homeless shelter.

      Price: £9.99


      16. Kim Haskins Christmas Black Cat Face Covering

      We love this double layered facemask! Spread some joy for your Secret Santa gift or stocking filler for a loved one. They’ll be bound to have a chuckle at this and love wearing it over the holiday season!

      Price: £4


      17. Meowy Christmas Jumper

      Win ‘best friend award’ with this Meowy Christmas jumper, available as a tee and tote too!

      From £11.28


      Lavish Gifts for Your Feline (Over £30)


      18. Tigga Towers ‘Tower in a Box’

      A high quality, natural scratching tower your cat will love! The Tower In a Box is compact in design and arrives in a box ready for you to assemble complete with a 2 year guarantee.

      Price: £235


      19. Cazami Cat Exercise Wheel

      Safe, strong and sturdy. The Ferris Cat Exercise Wheel bounds up fun and exercise into one wonderful package.

      Email Nicola on:


      20. Cat Friendly Christmas Tree

      Cats + Christmas Trees = DISASTER! Argos have brought out a 6ft parasol tree that starts half way up, so your delicate decorations are out of reach from tempted paws!

      Price: £45 

      Boxed size: H78, W22, D25cm


      21. Christmas Cat Gift Box

      Handmade from high-quality natural materials the set includes reversible bandana with complementary collar, teaser toy, double-sided catnip toy and a kicker. If you are looking for a perfect Xmas gift for your kitty then your problem is solved!

      Price: £45.00


      22. Cat Climbing Towers

      Made to last and to withstand the Great British Weather! These handmade cat climbing towers come from a lovely small family business and are often seen pictures in ProtectaPet customers gardens! With so many frames to choose from you’ll definitely find something purr-fect for your furry friends here. Bespoke items also available!

      Approx. from £169.99


      23. ProtectaPet® Catio Steel Framed Cat Enclosure Kit

      ProtectaPet® Catio allows you to build your own high quality steel framed cat enclosure. Allowing your cat to enjoy the outside without risk of road traffic, theft or disease. You’ll love spending time outside with your cat in their habinatural space!

      Price: £850


      24. ProtectaPet® Cat Enclosure Turf Kit

      Ideal where there is no pre-existing boundary, the ProtectaPet Cat Enclosure allows you to create your ideal cat safe haven to your exact requirements. Give your cat the best gift this Christmas!

      Price: From £650


      25. Catipilla Cat Scratch Post

      Perfect for your outside ProtectaPet space. All cats need to scratch! We designed this module to save those items in the home that are particularly vulnerable to cat’s claws. Enrich your cat’s safe haven with this fantastic scratch post!

      Price: £26.00