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Should Outdoor Cat Enclosures be Connected to the House?

Cat enclosures, particularly Catios, have become increasingly popular as a way to give our feline friends the joy of the outdoors while ensuring their safety. However, a new debate has emerged in the cat-loving community: should these outdoor cat havens be attached to the house? Let’s explore the arguments on both sides of this issue and discuss why some cat owners and experts advocate for cat enclosures that are firmly connected to the house.


The Dilemma of Non-Attached Cat Enclosures

For many cat owners, a cat enclosure that isn't attached to the house presents a significant challenge – how does the cat get in and out? Cat owners must carry their cats into the enclosure or install tunnels connecting the house to the outdoor space. However, research has shown that cats, known for their independent nature, prefer making their own decisions of when to enter and exit the outdoors.

According to Cats Protection, an organization dedicated to the well-being of cats, most felines don't particularly enjoy being carried. This raises concerns about the stress and discomfort associated with forcing a cat into an enclosure against its will, potentially compromising the purpose of providing a safe outdoor space.


The Freedom of Choice with Attached Cat Enclosures

On the flip side of the debate, having a cat enclosure attached to the house offers a solution that aligns with a cat's natural instincts. Cats are free to decide when they want to explore the enclosure or retreat indoors. The freedom to come and go as they please encourages a sense of independence, contributing to their overall well-being.

A cat enclosure attached to the house often utilizes a cat flap or an open door, allowing cats to enter or exit at their leisure. This setup maintains a safety boundary for the cats, preventing them from wandering into potentially dangerous situations while still enjoying the benefits of the great outdoors.


ProtectaPet's Cat Enclosure Solution

Recognising the diverse outdoor spaces that cat owners have, ProtectaPet has developed a range of products catering to different needs. Whether installed by professionals or through a do-it-yourself approach, ProtectaPet's cat enclosures and catios offer solutions that align with the principles of cat well-being. The emphasis is on providing a secure environment that allows cats to exercise their natural behaviors without compromising their comfort.

In the ongoing debate about whether outdoor cat enclosures should be attached to the house, the key consideration is the well-being of our feline companions. While non-attached enclosures may pose challenges in terms of cat access, attached enclosures offer a compromise that respects a cat's desire for independence. As cat owners, it's essential to strike a balance between providing a safe outdoor space and honoring the autonomy of our beloved pets.

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Outdoor Cat Enclosures Connected to House

Outdoor cat enclosures designed by the experts

Benefits of Attaching Cat Enclosure to House

Catio Connected to House

Cat enclosures connected to house have the following benefits:

  • Your cat can come and go as they please
  • Your cat could have unsupervised access through a cat flap into the cat enclosure
  • Keeps your cat safe outdoors wihtout you worrying
  • Extend your cat's territory onto your patio

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