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Catio by ProtectaPet®

Catios transform your patio into a beautiful cat safe haven so you can enjoy your outdoor space together.

A cat patio, or ‘catio’, is a cat enclosure that screens off your patio, creating a safe space for your cat to get some extra exercise and fresh air, without exposing them to the dangers of the outside world.

Advantages of a ProtectaPet® Catio

  • Custom built to your required size
  • Optional extras such as ‘cat-lock’ gate 
  • Choice of mesh roof, polycarbonate or overhanging brackets
  • Roof is ideal level of security for breeders
  • Access panels can be added to access guttering and windows
  • Features can include cat tunnels, cat shelves and cat kennels

Catios can be extended from a window, door, balcony or porch depending on your preference and outside space. ProtectaPet® enclosure components are modular so that the catio can be attached to existing walls or it can stand independently.

To construct the ProtectaPet® Catio, our steel enclosure posts are placed at least every 3 metres around the containment area and linked with mesh, creating an impenetrable barrier to cats. We use Steel Welded Mesh for the lower 60cm of the enclosure fencing which protects against wildlife damage. The High Tensile Plastic Mesh, which is UV stable and low visual impact, is used along the top section of the enclosure and secured in corners using a brace, or on intermediate posts, using mesh clips. The roof section can be sealed with mesh and supported by horizontal steel posts. We also offer polycarbonate roofs to keep pets dry.

The ProtectaPet® Catio incorporates patented CruciLock™ technology, which enables the catio to be securely constructed on hard surfaces such as paving, tarmac or patios. The modular enclosure components are designed around the client's requirements: mesh types, number of gates and size can all be customised.

ProtectaPet® Catios with overhanging brackets are available for DIY fitting in our Online Shop - if this is your preference check out our DIY Buying Guide, and our video tutorials and product manuals in How to Guides. ProtectaPet® Catios with mesh roofs are a made to measure product currently only available through our installation service. Whether you choose a mesh roof or overhanging brackets, our Expert Installation Team can fit this system for you.

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