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Cat Balcony

A Cat Balcony Enclosure is for urban dwelling cats to access the outdoors, so that they can enjoy fresh air, sunshine and benefit from additional living space.

Cat Balcony

Cat Balcony

High rise living for city cats

How Cat Balconies Work

'No Drill' Solution for Apartment Living

Patented tension fit technology so the cat balcony screen can be removed and relocated

Unobtrusive cat balcony netting

Hybrid stainless steel reinforced nylon knotted cat balcony netting provides a high strength stretchable and chew resistant mesh screen

Critical Advice

Installing at height is dangerous

  • If you are not installing the enclosure at ground level, you MUST seek the services of a competent Working at Height professional

  • Do not install on the outside of the existing balcony ballustrade

  • Only suitable for fixing to secure and level surfaces

  • Do not allow children or pets on balconies unsupervised

  • Do not install in obstruction of fire exits

  • Installation requires a minimum of two people

  • Do not replace the existing balcony barrier which prevents a person from walking or falling off

  • Undertake regular inspections of the balcony enclosure

  • Do not attach anything to the cat balcony enclosure

  • You or your Working at Height professional MUST undertake a risk assessment before installation

Installing Cat Balcony EnclosureInstalling Cat Balcony Enclosure

Watch this step by step installation guide

Cat Balcony Features

  • The cat balcony kit is suitable for a balcony with a ceiling above and a maximum height of 2.7m

  • The two and three sided balcony kits are only suitable if the balcony corners are exactly 90°. Alternatively, use multiple one sided kits.

  • Two-sided and Three-sided cat balconies can be orientated inline or with 90° corners

  • Adjustable 'tension' feet allow frame to be installed without drilling into masonry

  • Hybrid stainless steel reinforced nylon knotted netting provides a high strength stretchable and chew resistant cat balcony screen

  • The maximum width of each section is 2.5m. The steel can be cut to length to cater for smaller balconies

  • The cat balcony steel frame is galvanised and powdercoated for superior corrosion resistance

  • Multiple cat balcony kits can be joined together for long runs on large balconies 

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