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How Can I Keep My Cats in the Garden?

It’s understandable that many cat owners out there decide to keep their cats indoors. Indoor cats can and do live very contented lives. However, often owners will feel like they are robbing cats from their best life by not allowing them to roam outside. A wonderful solution to this is by giving cats access to your own outdoor space. A safe space where they can breathe in the fresh air, run, jump, play, sunbathe and so on. But how can you keep your cats in the garden to keep them safe from outdoor risks?

There are plenty of cat friendly and effective solutions that will limit the cat to an outside boundary set by you.

  1. Install a cat friendly cat enclosure. These enclosures can be designed to suit your garden and ensure the cat has a perfectly safe environment without limiting them to the house. Cat enclosures can be designed to fit the space you have available perfectly.
  2. Catios are another option. Catios are like cat enclosures that sit on top of your patio or decking. This is an option for anyone who would like to keep the cats away from the lawn, plants and flowers or perhaps keep them separated from other animals in the home while they are outside.
  3. Cat fences sit on top of your fences and can work around potential issues such as trees and sheds. Look at some of the cats testing out their boundaries on the ProtectaPet Facebook page.
  4. Cat balconies are perfect for apartment cats or homes with balconies. Balconies pose fall from height risks for cats (who despite what people think, can injure themselves when jumping from any height). The cat balcony secures the area allowing the cat to enjoy the space and fresh air without any risks.

All the options above are safe for cats, are cat friendly and provide cats with a safe way of enjoying the outdoors. Cat owners like yourself are given peace of mind, allowing cats to exhibit their natural behaviours without the risks of outdoor life.

Our bespoke cat containment systems keep cats in the garden. They are suitable for homeowners and tenants and finance is available. Find out more reaching out to us on our live chat here on the website, giving us a call, emailing or even getting in touch on Facebook.