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How Much Does a Cat Fence Cost?

Cat fencing costs start from £150. Professional installation of cat fencing or a similar cat fencing solution is available from £1000. There are different options available depending on your needs and the topography of your garden. For an exact quote it’s necessary to provide the measurements and any bespoke requirements for professional installations.

Need help deciding what’s right for your cat and garden? View the DIY cat fencing buying guide or leave us a message for further assistance.

Who Uses Cat Fences?

Cat fencing is proving to be hugely popular here in the UK and overseas. The benefits of cat fencing are abundant, with some of the most common reasons being:

  • Owners have lost other pets in the past and are looking for an effective solution to stop it happening again
  • To prevent cats from being injured or killed in traffic accidents
  • To protect pets from dangers such as the Croydon Cat Killer or when cats are being poisoned in the area
  • To stop cats from getting lost
  • As a solution to costly turf wars with other pets in the area
  • Prevention technique to protect cats from disease and infection

Is Cat Fencing the Only Solution?

Cat fencing is one of the popular options as it is available for gardens of all shapes and sizes. It is even suitable for rented properties as well as owned homes as it’s easy to move and reinstall. If you are practically minded and own tools, you can undertake the DIY installation yourself.

Some gardens and outdoor spaces are not suitable to use with cat fencing. Perhaps the owner only wants a small section of the garden to be secured. Maybe there is a balcony or no clear boundary to work with. In these cases, there are other suitable alternatives that will keep the cat safe and protected, including catios and cat balconies.

View our complete range of cat fencing and pet containment systems and please reach out if you’d like any advice or information to help you make the best decision for you.