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External Corner Brackets

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Ideal for maintaining the length of the overhang around external corners such as sheds, summerhouses and inset gates

Cat Fence InstallationCat Fence Installation

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When do I need to use External Corner Brackets?

External corner brackets are required when the barrier follows an obtuse corner.

When considering whether you need a left or right external corner bracket, the best thing to do is imagine that you yourself are the surface to attach to (for example, the shed). Whichever direction you want the bracket to point in, is the orientation bracket to choose. If I imagine that I am the shed and I want the bracket to point to my right, I need a right external corner bracket. 

Example Garden Configuration

20m Cat Fence Barrier includes 11 Standard Brackets (A) with 2 Internal Corner Adapters (B) £350

2 Additional Internal Corner Adapter (B) £16

2 Left or Right External Corner Brackets (C) £70

5m Cat Mesh (allow extra mesh to go around External Corners) £20

Total = £456 including FREE UK Shipping

Cat Proof Garden with Mid-Run Shed: Standard Brackets (A), Internal Adapters (B) and External Corners (C)