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Installation Service

ProtectaPet® offers a professional installation service dedicated to keeping your pet safely contained within your garden, whether that be a cat or a dog.

ProtectaPet® Installation

Once you have contacted us, we will undertake an initial consultation with you to establish your requirements and the features of your garden. We will then design and propose a customised solution to you and your pets' needs. For cats, we use cat containment products including ProtectaPet® cat fence barriers, cat proof barriers, catios and custom cat enclosures. For dogs, we use ProtectaPet® dog fence barriers. All our designs are manufactured in the UK for consistency and our products carry our logo as an assurance of our peace of mind guarantee. Our ProtectaPet Pro range is designed for commercial sites requiring high security.

Once we have agreed on the pet proofing plan, we will arrange a convenient date and time to install the dog or cat barrier. We are ideally situated in the Midlands so that we can offer a fitting service across all of mainland Britain. Our professional installation service starts at £1,000 but can vary depending on the garden size, the system required and the location. Our systems provide the best combination of value for money and quality. All our clients will have peace of mind that after the initial cost of the installation, their pet will be safer and future vet bills will be minimised. 

Installation Guarantee

In our peace of mind guarantee, both our products and workmanship is guaranteed for 18 months. ProtectaPet systems have a high success rate of containing cats but we cannot guarantee to be successful. If you encounter any problems, we will work with you to resolve them. We ask you to be extra vigilant in the first two weeks following an installation as this is the period in which your pet will be testing the barrier. Following this period, it is important to follow our care guidelines to maintain the integrity of the system.

How do I get an installation quote from ProtectaPet®?

Please ring us on 0800 999 4008 or email us on info@protectapet.com with the following information:

  • Measurement around the edge of the garden boundary
  • Type and height of existing garden boundary (including photographs of the whole garden)
  • Details of features such as trees, sheds or conservatories
  • Your address including postcode

We will then undertake a pet and garden assessment in consultation with you. This will involve discussing you and your pets' requirements. We look forward to hearing from you and please don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.

Complex garden? Our professional installation engineers have the solutions for:









Any Questions? Let Us Call You.

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