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Cat Fence Rollers vs Cat Fence Brackets

Explore the choices for keeping your cat safe in your garden

Creating cat-proof gardens can be achieved using cat fence brackets or cat fence rollers, offering various options to suit your needs. ProtectaPet stands by the versatility of cat fence brackets, which are ideal for all garden shapes and features. With no moving parts, they ensure longevity and reliability all year round.

Cat Fence Rollers

Cat Enclosure How it Works

Cat Fence Brackets

Cat proof the perimeter of your garden to share the outdoor space with your cat

How Cat Fence Rollers Work

Cat fence rollers are typically used in straight-forward gardens with existing fencing all the way around.

Attach to Existing Fencing

Where there is existing fencing that is 1.8m+ tall, you can fit cat fence rollers to prevent your cat from jumping the fence

Low visual impact

Many cat owners choose cat fence rollers because they have a low visual impact on the aesthetics of the garden

Cat Fence Brackets can be used with posts where there is no existing boundary

How Cat Fence Brackets Work

Cat Fence Brackets have the fundamental advantage over Cat Fence Rollers because they are suitable to attach to sheds, gates & other garden features.

Tailored Mesh

Cat Fence Brackets have the fundamental advantage over Cat Fence Rollers because the tailored mesh means that they have no fixed interval

No Moving Parts

Cat Fence Brackets have no moving parts meaning that they have a long life in use and require minimal maintenance

Cat Fence ReviewCat Fencing Review

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Ragdoll Outdoor CatRagdoll Outdoor Cat

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Bengal Cat OutdoorsBengal Outdoor Garden

Hannah's Case Study

Cat Fence Bracket Features

  • Our premium cat fences require minimal maintenance

  • Patented cat proofing technology and optimum aesthetics

  • Cat proofing products designed and Manufactured in Britain

  • Modular components to cat proof gardens of all shapes and sizes

  • ProtectaPet® logo as a marque of quality

  • Our brackets features the 'Bengal Bend' on cat bracket

  • Cat fence brackets include rounded corners for safety

  • Bi-orientated Corner Adapters for left or right corners

  • Our kits include brackets for 2m post intervals: the best value for money

  • Our cat fence brackets have no moving parts for long life in use and feline safety

  • Sleek aesthetics for optimum visual presentation

  • Modular components to suit all garden layouts

Cats Protected


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Cat Proof Garden Frequently Asked Questions

Cats are agile and can easily scale fences or walls that are 1.8m+ from ground height. Some people try to train their cat to stay in the garden to keep them safe but the most effective solution is to use a cat fence barrier around the perimter of your garden, enabling you to sit back and enjoy the garden with your cats, safe in the knowledge that they can't wander.

The only sure-fire way to ensure your cat won't venture further than your garden is to use a cat containment system. Cat Fence Barriers are the easiest method to convert your entire garden into a cat safe territory, if you have suitable pre-existing fencing or walls.

Whether you have small garden or a large garden, there are lots of options for making your garden cat proof. Cat fence barriers are a neat and simple solution to giving your cat access to the whole garden. Or, if you have a small garden, you could consider an outdoor cat run or catio.

Cat enclosures comes in all shapes an sizes and can be tailored to your outdoor space - small or large. It is really important that your cat enclosure is attached to your house so that your cat can come and go freely from the indoors to the outdoors.

Once mature, most cats will try to explore their local neighbourhood and agile cats can easily scale fences of 2m+. Some cat owners - seeking peace of mind about their cat's safety - decide to train their cat to stay in the garden, give their cat outside access on a lead or choose a cat fence barrier to keep their cat in a safe outdoor territory.

Cat-proof fences are effective in keeping cats within a designated territory. Most cat fence barriers are not two way and neighbourhood cats could still climb into the garden from outside.

A cat proof barrier should be at least 1.8m from the highest leap point. If you have raised flower beds or garden furniture, you will need to maintain a distance of 1.8m from them. ProtectaPet offer a range of modular cat fencing components that enables you to cat proof fences of all heights.

ProtectaPet® has kept more than 30,000 cats safe in the UK alone, with cat safe gardens across Europe too. The meticulously designed range of modular cat fencing products was bestowed with the prestigious King's Award for Innovation in 2023 in recognition of the positive impact on feline safety.

It's great that you've made the decision to keep your cat safe outdoors. There are two main ways of turning your garden into a cat safe territory. Cat fence rollers can be made from timber or PVC and the cat struggles to grip the roller. Alternatively, cat fence brackets are usually made from metal with in connecting mesh. This means that cat fence brackets are easily tailored to the garden perimeter and easily adapted to the features of your garden such as gates, trees and sheds.